Sunday, May 14, 2017

Celebrate This Week: Mother's Day

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   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

Twenty-six years ago today, I spent one of the happiest afternoons of my life.  I've probably written about it before, but it bears repeating. My mother was in the nursing home fighting the ravages of cancer. My best friend, Jan, joined me at the nursing home for that Mother's Day afternoon.  And before long, Uncle Aaron (my grandfather's brother), came by too.  He and Jan serenaded us with gospel music for a long time that afternoon.  I grew up hearing my mother sing hymns as she cooked, as she ironed, as she hung out the clothes.  Just about any solitary activity found her singing hymns.  And she smiled through the pain as she listened to those beloved hymns sung by two special people on that sacred afternoon.  Before the month's end, my mother would die, but the memory of that afternoon continues to hold a special spot in my heart.   

This is a special Mother's Day for me.  It's my first one as a grandmother.  Teddy was born in June and Jack was born in January. The arrival of these two grand boys marks my arrival into the world of grandparenthood (I know that's not news to regular readers of this blog).   It's a delightful ride that's only just begun.  But I can finally understand a bit of what my mother meant when she would say, as she faced death, that she knew her kids would be okay, but she hated to leave her grand babies. 

 Jack and his sweet mama at yesterday's
community baby shower hosted by
performer Nancy Stewart
and our local library 
Teddy and Grandma reading a book 
during his recent visit 
The rhododendrons are in bloom!  
I must celebrate these rhodies that cascade
  over the fence from our neighbor's yard. 


  1. What a wonderful memory, Ramona! Happy Mother's Day to you on this very special one . . . your first as Grandma.

  2. I celebrate your memory of your Mom, Ramona, and the wonderful feelings you have for your grandbabies. I am so thankful as I await news of when my little granddaughter will make her way into the world.

  3. The process of loving and raising children is a gift we get as mothers. But this Mother's Day, I can't help but think of the gifts we have received from our mothers and our grandmothers. Happy day to you a first Mother's Day with your grand boys!