Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spiritual Journey First Thursday: Reach

I enjoy blogging with this group of friends as we gather on the first Thursday of each month to reflect on our spiritual journeys.  Today we are writing about "reach," Donna's One Little Word.  Be sure and visit Mainely Write to read everyone's responses!

  1. "...But chief of all thy wondrous works
    Supreme of all thy plan,
    Thou has put an upward reach
    Into the heart of man." 

    from “God the Architect” by Harry Kemp

    Anytime I think of the word reach, I think of reaching upward.  And I know that heaven is a place impossible to reach without my Savior. It is easy to grow discouraged with myself, with challenges unmet, and with goals not reached.  But the Savior of the world stands ever ready, hand outstretched to make up the difference and to encourage my efforts.  For His loving reach to me, a sinner, I praise Him and give my thanks.

    Let him lift you.

    "Humble yourselves
    in the sight of the Lord,
     and he shall lift you up."
    James 4:10


  1. Oh, oh, I love your take on "Reach" today. Made me think of the song lyrics "He had to reach way down for me...." It reminds me that while I am reaching up, He is reaching down!

  2. Beautiful, Ramona! And (speaking to your "challenges unmet, goals not reached") when He catches our hand and lifts us up, our pitiful efforts are multiplied many times over. Love the Jesus and the children illustration you posted along with your words.

  3. Reaching UP... like looking UP. This touches me. Thank you, Ramona! xo

  4. Lovely, Ramona. Keep reaching.

  5. Ramona, your words moved me this morning. I felt this post was a wake up call to be lifted by the Lord. This pairs quite nicely with what my morning meditation book, God Calling, has to say for today. " Leave more and more the choice to me." God is our architect and heavy lifter. I will think of your words as I go about my day.