Friday, October 27, 2017

Poetry Friday: "Blaze of Glory"

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Thanks, Brenda, for hosting this week!

I asked my blogger friend, Diane (newtreemom) for permission to share "Blaze of Glory," a poem that I shared with my students for Poetry Friday.

Diane's lines capture so much of what I love about autumn and this resplendent time of year.  Thanks, Diane, for allowing me to share your lovely poem.  I added the photos from our spectacular fall colors.

Blaze of Glory

A crisp, cool breeze touches my cheeks
I notice spots of yellow-gold,
splashes of orange, and
swatches of deep red on the trees
Brilliant, clear sunshine streams down
Fluffy white clouds hang high in the blue, blue sky
A flock of birds flies overhead
A smile brightens my face
Anticipation beats in my heart
The full blaze of glory will appear
Day after sunny day with chilly air
A fresh clean scent to breathe in
Trees draped in dazzling jeweled hues
Wind whispering, leaves rustling and crunching
Apple cider, cinnamon doughnuts, pumpkin-spice everything
Autumn is arriving,
filling my senses,
preparing my soul
for gathering together
for thanks-giving
-Diane Anderson


  1. We have a few trees left that 'blaze' but this recent cold, wind & a bit of snow has taken many leaves. This is beautiful, Ramona (and Diane). Thanks!

  2. GORGEOUS photos and what a lush poem to go with them! We had just those colors and days...last week. Now the frost and rain and wind have come so that when we wake up on Nov. 1, the bare trees will be outlined against grey skies.

  3. Yes, the colors of autumn's "dazzle in jeweled hues". Thanks Ramona and Diane for a walk through Washington's fall season. I would like to capture this for my fall gallery.

  4. This autumn fire makes my heart ache to be out in the woods.

  5. Thanks for sharing my poem and matching it with such gorgeous photos of the glorious blazes of autumn. It’s a joy to be part of our blogging writing community.

  6. Lovely poem and images. We are enjoying fall's blaze of glory, but the wind and rain and cold this week may bring it to a quick end.