Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Slice of Life: Charmed by an eight month old!

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Each time I watch my eight month old grandson, Jack, he's added something new to his bag of tricks.  Today it was his fake cough.  He loves coughing because it's a sound he's recently learned to make.  He demonstrated this new skill before his mom left for work.  

On Sunday I received a blurry shot from the baby monitor during church.  I could just make out that Jack was standing in his crib.  My daughter mentioned today that they had moved the crib to its lowest setting and that he hadn't pulled himself up since that change.  Well, when I went in to pick him up after his morning nap, guess who was standing in his crib?  He can't quite reach the top of the crib, but there he was clinging to the top on his tippy toes and trying valiantly not to bump his head.  

But it was Jack's third trick of the day that totally charmed me! 

I could watch this boy read books all day long!


  1. Every day, new! I love all the pics, but yes, those final ones with the books-wow! He is so sweet, Ramona! I'm Sara moved to your city these past years!

  2. I agree with Linda! We’re glad we moved close by too! You always capture the best pics of Jack!

  3. Such great pictures! A true reader in the making.

  4. Such adorable pictures, Ramona!

  5. Love the pics of Jack reading. I can imagine him standing in the crib. Isn't it great that tech allows to connect when we can't be present?