Sunday, November 5, 2017

Celebrate This Week!

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When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
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   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

A day with daughter (and Jack)!  
They arrived early Wednesday to get Jack settled in before their trip.  Sara made time to move a bookcase near my rocking chair and to hang a bulletin board above my desk.  And we even made it to the park.  It's good that we did because our weather has been cold and wet and drizzly ever since.  

Snow on Friday!  
Snow is unusual for us and especially in November.   Even though Jack needed a diaper change and a cleanup after lunch, I left those duties and my partially eaten lunch to head outside with him.  It was just a few flakes, but so fun to share them with him and capture this selfie of us.  Notice the flakes on my jacket collar!

Lots of help from Grandpa!
I couldn't manage without Lance's help.  (I'm a little ashamed to realize that we left Blake with my mom when he was about Jack's age while we went to New York.  We were lucky that Aunt Jan came over to help in the evenings.)  Jack is helping Grandpa memorize
"Wynken, Blynken, and Nod."

Teddy and Jack!
Teddy and his mom have been under the weather this week (so no new pics), but here's a pic of Teddy taken last month that I love.  
And here's a pic of Jack in Grandma's rocking chair.
Don't be deceived, he only sat there for about three seconds
before being ready to move on. 

A favorite tree!
I managed to get out on Saturday for a bit
to stop by a friend's party and to swing by the library.
Love this pic of fall color taken outside our library.


  1. Love love love this post! Thanks for all your hard work with Jack! We are loving our trip!

  2. Ah, your boys...always so cute! Snow flakes are worth dropping everything else. Beautiful tree. I am loving the trees this time of year. Some may be a little more bare after some strong thunderstorms today, though.

  3. They're just getting cuter and cuter, Ramona. I love that you ran outside for the snow. What strange weather. We had 70's earlier, now maybe snow on Tuesday (from you?) Hope you continue to have a wonderful time with Jack & that Teddy & his mom are well soon! Have a great week!

  4. Ramona, I just loved your photo so much that I captured it and added a saying, Postcard from Washington (by you). Will send via Twitter. I saw some great color as I traveled to Albany for a stated ed conference this week. Jack and Teddy are getting big-so fast! Snow-wow!