Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Slice of Life: Walking by Porch Lights and Texts!

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This slice is part sorrow, part joy, and part longing.  Sorrow for my friends who no longer live close enough to be my walking buddies, joy for all the miles and conversations we logged together, and longing for a new walking buddy within walking distance.  

Joan lived across the street from me in Houston.  We became good walking buddies, but the best part of our walking routine was the signal method we used.  Sometimes we weren't sure if we wanted to walk early the next morning.  So we flipped on the porch light if we were up and ready to walk.  It was easy to glance out the window and ascertain if Joan was up and ready to stroll.  We stopped being across the street neighbors twenty years ago.  But all those morning chats made us good friends and we still stay in you touch by telephone (yep, we're old school and prefer chatting on the phone to texting).  In fact, it's been awhile since we've talked.  Something tells me that when I finish this post, I may check in with Joan.  

Karen did not live across the street, but I could zip across the road, through the elementary school lot and meet her at Homestead Park. It was easy to send a quick text and ask if she wanted to walk - sometimes just around the park a couple of times, sometimes downtown, and sometimes around the library.  Often I would catch her just after a day of subbing and before she crashed into her easy chair.  No matter what other activity she had participated in that day (and she's a very active friend), she would make time to stroll with me.  Now she's moved off the island.  

So I'm longing for a new walking buddy.  Shelly and I manage to connect some of the time, but there's something so delightful about a walking buddy that is within walking distance.  It's not really the best of times for walking in the Northwest, but there are the occasional moments we can find when the sky isn't dripping, even if the sun rarely peeks through the clouds to join us.  How about it? Are you a solitary walker?  Or do you prefer to walk with a friend?


  1. I am definitely a solitary walker. But I LOVE to walk! Given the choice, I would rather walk than drive...there's so much to see! I don't really have anyone to walk with but it sounds really nice to be able to walk with a friend. I'll have to think about who my walking buddy would be. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I use to enjoy my early morning walks with my neighbor, Rosanne. Injuries and ailments have stopped me from walking that far right now, but I do long for those days. It was good therapy for the both of us...cheaper than a therapist too!

  3. I love walking on my own, with just my dog for company. I guess I need the quiet time, but your walking friends do sound rather special, Ramona.

  4. My mother is obsessed with our dogs, and walking them. She walks them at least 3 times a day, it's a pretty solid routine I must admit. When I get back home from college, I usually join her in on those walks to spend time but also catch up from times we haven't already talked. I think it's healthy both for us and the dogs. Walking with company always makes those times a little more special!

  5. Ramona, walking is a peaceful process of noticing and wondering for me. Sometimes, I am content to walk by myself and at other times, I long for a friend. Walking companions are hard to come by for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do so love to see your photos on your walk. One of my friends brought her brother from Olympia out with us last night. He told me about the rain in Washington these days.