Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Slice of Life: Kitchen Memories

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Sears Cooky Press box
Memories fill my kitchen
As Spritz cookies bake

Decked in reindeer red
Our musician in training,
Jack, shakes jingle bells

The Sears cooky press box in the picture is the original box of my mother's cooky press (more than 50 years old). And inside the box is the Spritz recipe from my mother's Betty Crocker cookbook. My sister has the cookbook, but I convinced her that this page (loose, like many in the cookbook) belonged with the cookie press. Each year when I open the box and pull out the recipe for holiday baking, I feel the presence of those whose hands have touched this press and those whose fingers followed the lines of this recipe.

My daughter and I enjoy baking together.  The cookies go into the freezer in holiday tins ready for assembling into trays and plates to share with friends.  This year the addition of a certain young man sweetened our time together.  Sara let him have his first bite of cookie, a buttery Spritz cookie made from great-grandma's cooky press.


  1. Cooking memories and traditions are the best ones!

  2. Such a lovely post - past and present photos and memories!

  3. There must be something in the air, I did haiku and cookies today too! How wonderful to have your daughter right there to continue the traditions of the past.

  4. Love this time of years with such memories. Great photo. Love Jack shaking jingle bells.

  5. My mom had one of those...probably still has one since throwing things away isn't really her thing! I remember using it to make Christmas cookies. It was so hard to squeeze them out. I've never tried it as an adult...I suppose it would be much easier. What a nice memory you have shared, and evoked for me with your writing.

  6. Sweet. The baking, cookies and memories.