Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Slice of Life: Weather Wrongs Bring Delight!

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My dad watched the weather every night (I think it mattered more to him than the news). I've inherited a bit of that proclivity since I'm constantly checking the weather app on my phone. This time of  year it mostly depresses me. Yesterday when I checked, it showed clouds for today and rain for the next six days. Those are the days when I scroll and check the weather in my sibling's and my son's locales. Suddenly, rain and temps in the 50's doesn't seem so bad. My sis in Tennessee has snow and a high of 16 for today. My brother's predicted high today in Oklahoma is for 19 degrees. My son in Virginia will reach 41 degrees after starting at 22. Then there's my sister in southern California, basking in her 74 degree partly cloudy day.

But sometimes the weatherman is wrong! Those are the days that I delight in, and today is one of them. We started with rain and clouds, but slowly the sun came peeking through the clouds. I love that I can see out the front window and the back sliding glass doors when I sit at the kitchen table at my daughter's house. Even on cloudy days, I enjoy the view. But when the sun peeks through, I'm delighted! 

The view out the back
 The view out the front
 Our delightful blue skies
Just remember that when you have nothing to write about, you can always write about the weather!


  1. I'm glad you got a does of vitamin D. Oh I could only wish for the temperatures you list. We are currently at 5 degrees but feels like -10. Would you believe they are predicting 60 degrees by Saturday? I only hope these cold temps and being out of school, the germs will die.

  2. I like hearing about your weather, always look up there on the map and think about you when I watch my weather news, Ramona. I love our sun yet wish we could have one of your rainy days. I love that first picture!

  3. LOL...my dad's main station is the Weather Channel and I am continually looking at the cities where my kids are. In our new house (fixer-upper)...the view is special, even on the melancholy days. xo

  4. The weather can offer some very intriguing writing ideas!

  5. Writing about the weather is so much fun, especially when it becomes a delightful experience for the writer, Ramona. enjoy the sunshine. Perhaps, your weather watching will turn into an image poem for my winter gallery.

  6. My father was similar.But, he was both a news-junkie and weather-maniac watching CNfor endless hours a day and reading the NY Times on his last few days on earth. He would often call me to warm me of a pending storm or a traffic problem I should avoid. I find myself following in his footpath....

  7. Cold in Colorado this week too! This morning it was 7 when I went to work. Brrr!!!!