Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Slice of Life: When Will Jack Walk?

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My grandson, Jack, started crawling in October right before a move to their first home. He's been very confident about standing for some time. He stands and scoots along the furniture. He walks when he's holding our hands. He even stands up without any support. I thought that his cousin Teddy would inspire him to walk when he was here over the holidays, but instead Teddy started crawling some of the time right beside Jack. My daughter and son-in-law have asked us to give our best guess for Jack's first steps. I think he'll do it when he's good and ready, but I'm throwing my prediction in for January 14th.

Here are some standing pics taken of Jack today (Jan. 9th). 


  1. I agree, he will walk when he is ready or sees something he wants and walking is his best option. What a doll!

  2. Ha! We both wrote about stages of the grandchildren! So fun, Ramona. What we don't know is what Jack thinks about it all. In his sweet time is when! When he has some "secret?" motivation? How fun!