Saturday, July 21, 2018

Celebrate This Week: Company!

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   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

My niece Kara was here visiting from Oklahoma this past week. 
She teaches fourth grade so we always enjoy chatting about our shared profession. And she hung out with Jack and me on Tuesday and Wednesday. When she arrived last week, Jack was sick for a couple of days with a high fever. He slowly warmed up to her, touched her knee in passing on Sunday at church, played toesies with her at Pike Place Market on Monday, and by Tuesday he was sharing toys and giggles with her and saying her name by Wednesday. That's also the first day that he said Grandma, definitely a red letter day for me!
If you look closely at this cousin pic, you'll see hands reaching up. Jack ended up out of the pic when he decided that he was too tired for any more pics!

I love it when visiting family and friends give me an excuse to play tourist in my own city. After our morning at Pike Place Market, we topped off our day with Wings Over Washington, a ride on the Great Wheel, and fish and chips at Ivar's on the waterfront. 
Wednesday night, Kara's last night here, was girls night out at the theatre. Can you guess the play we saw? 

Here are some pics from Utah where Teddy and his mom are enjoying a stay with his Grandma Barb and his Great Grandma. Last week, Teddy's Dad popped in for a long weekend. 
Love this pic of Teddy during prayer!

I settled down on Thursday to read these nonfiction books with a piece of chocolate and a mug of milk. They were probably recommended by blogger friend, Linda, who blogs at Teacher Dance and keeps me connected with great nonfiction picture books. I loved all three of them, but especially the Pete Seeger book.

Still enjoying these peonies from our visit
to Pike Place Market on Monday!

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  1. That really is a week to celebrate! Congrats on hearing your grandson call you Grandma!