Monday, July 23, 2018

Slice of Life: Wait Time!

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No, this is not a post about waiting the appropriate time after asking a question. This is about my favorite kind of wait time, waiting while someone else (this time it's my husband) has a procedure (you know the one we all hate to prep for), so I can be the designated driver home. It's delicious time because I don't have to feel guilty about the things I should be doing. Instead I filled my book bag with four books and my computer. 

Let's peek inside my bag for a look at what I brought for this approximately ninety minute wait:

Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor - Words from the back cover:  ""Here she reflects on how our lives do not work only when everything is fully lit. We can't always see the light. It waxes and wanes or can go out altogether. What we need is a spirituality that works in the nighttime."

This Year I Will . . . by M. J. Ryan - This is my go-to book for staying inspired as I seek to make changes in my life. I've read it several times and it always speaks to me.

Am I There Yet? The Loop-de-Loop, Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood by Mari Andrew - I follow Mari on Instagram and although I'm not part of her twenty-something target audience, I feel (at sixty+) that I'm still growing up! And I love her drawings. 

Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos - This is the book my online book club chose when I said that I'd had my fill of tough reads and needed a light, summer read. I've started it and it's absolutely perfect. Plus, I'm compiling a list of old movies mentioned in the book that I want to watch.

Just so you know, I only read from two of the four books during this morning's wait time. I started writing this post, but had to stop when I lost power and realized I didn't have my power cord. I started my reading time by beginning Learning to Walk in the Dark and then dipped into Love Walked In. I do love wait time, especially when it's someone else getting the procedure, and I'm the one getting time to read!


  1. Great selection of books you took with you. It is nice to have that time to read when someone else is having a procedure done. Nothing else to do but indulge in some good reading. Hope all went well for your husband.

  2. Such a well prepared reader. Interesting book choice. Well used wait time.

  3. Wait time is permission to read. And reading time is joy.

  4. We have to wait so often in life - think of the hours and hours - how much richer it is if we plan to fill it with what we love. You had Plan A and Plan B, writing and reading. That's wisdom. That's how waiting becomes a gift.

  5. You made the most of waiting time, Ramona - what a delightful bag of treats you packed!

  6. What a wonderful selection of books! I used to love wait times too, but now I am much more likely to pull my laptop or phone out and squander my time rather than use it for good. SIGH. I also really enjoy Mari Andrews's work and am trying to get to Am I There Yet? before fall semester starts, because I have a feeling that my college students would love to write in response to some of her pieces!

    1. Have you seen her "Magical Things I've Seen in NYC So Far" series? It could be adapted for anywhere! There's magic all around us if we just take the time to notice it.

  7. These are the best tools for wait time! I also try to use this time to observe and write! I also reading Mari Andrews-I often emulate her in my writer's notebook!

  8. Wait time=Free Reading Time!

    I have 2 Marisa De Los Santos books on hold from my library’s e-collection. Hope it doesn’t take long- I am back to school Tuesday for PD and prep days!

  9. I love your new take on wait time, Ramona, and always love your book recommendations. So glad that you are an avid reader and pass on the goodness to all of us.