Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Poetry Friday and Slice of Life: S'More Time

Amy at The Poem Farm is hosting this week's round-up of poetic goodness. Be sure to stop by to see her poem, "a quiet boat."I love how Amy says that repeated words layer like cozy sweaters. I'm letting the poem I wrotefor Slice of Life do double duty this week. 
I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice"to the Tuesday Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to our friends at Two Writing Teachers for hosting this meeting place
each Tuesday and nurturing our writing lives.

S'more Time

My first camping trip in years
and I loved our nighttime s'mores 
 of crunchy graham crackers
with golden marshmallows toasted to perfection,
and melted chocolate oozing out the sides.
But as I reflect on that culinary delight,
I realize that I need . . .  
 s'more time to gaze at the crackling flames of our campfire,
s'more time to linger in the starry night,
s'more time to watch Sara's and Will's outdoor expertise, 
s'more time to sip hot chocolate around our morning fire,
s'more time to throw rocks into the ocean,
s'more time to dig in the sand,
s'more time to watch Jack and Grandpa take walks together,
s'more time to snuggle a sleepy boy as he sings with me,
s'more time to watch Jack's explorations,
s'more time to savor the magnificent outdoors together.

-Ramona Behnke


  1. Lovely! What a powerful memory for you and the little one! Perfect!

  2. What a wonderful poem and wish for s'more time.

  3. Family time always makes us yearn for s'more time! Lovely poem, Ramona.

  4. Oh boy, you had me at s’more! Love your play on words and a deeper reflection on the things that matter most.

  5. I absolutely love the way you played with the word s'more! What a lovely reflection of your time - wishing you s'more fun.

  6. We always need s’more time with our special ones! What a fun way to wish for it and to remember it.

  7. Oh yes, I could use s'more time, too.

  8. The sweetness of s'more and s'more and s'more with this surprising meaning, repeating over and over, fills me with happy melancholy. This hit me right where I needed it now, Ramona. Here's wishing you s'more of all good things. Lots of love. xx