Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Slice of Life: Naptime Delayed!

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It was 12:50. Lunchtime was over and so was playtime. It was time to drink some milk, read some stories, and take a nap. But Jack had other plans. He reached up and unlocked the sliding glass door to the deck. (Oh no, one more thing he's figured out how to do!)

Normally we don't go outside at this time of day, but Jack felt compelled to investigate the very loud noise. As we stepped onto the deck, he said, "Mo mo." That's his word for motorcycle, but we soon learned that this loud noise was not a motorcycle. It came from far up in a neighbor's tree. 

Jack and I watched carefully as the logger wielding a chain saw cut off 2 feet chunks of the tree at a time and pushed them to the ground. Each time one hit the ground, we chanted boom! I have no idea how tall the tree was (my guess would be somewhere around 40-60 feet), but we watched as the logger descended 2 feet at a time to saw through each piece of trunk and push it to the ground. There was no way we could leave until the workman was on the ground and out of our line of vision.

Sometimes it's important to seize the moment and watch something that doesn't happen very often. And that's how Jack convinced Grandma to delay naptime by almost an hour today!


  1. Smart guy! He’s learning to do so many things, and he’s so curious. Yes, there are times it’s good to set aside routine to experience something interesting.

  2. Jack is an inquisitive little toddler and just happened to find an amazing sight to notice and wonder about. Isn't that what we want for all children - to build their curiosity quotient? Great slice, Ramona. When we went to the boardwalk for a walk this summer a crew of trucks and men were constructing different sites with huge logs to build up the beach in case of storms like Sandy. We were so intrigued that we watched for a long time. I was thinking all along that Sierra would have been in her glory.