Friday, August 31, 2018

Poetry Friday: Summer's End

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Even though autumn does not officially begin until September 23, I often feel that summer is over when school starts. Unfortunately for many people that happens in August. Our school starts on Wednesday after Labor Day. Here's a poem for all the students and teachers headed back to school:

Three Words

Three words
Most cruel:
Back to school.

-Douglas Florian

Even if you've been back in school for awhile, the three day Labor Day weekend provides a chance to savor a bit of summer. What will you pack from summer "...for a snow-packed day"?

Pack Up

Before the summer's gone-
Pack a rosy-fingered dawn. 
Pack a pond 
Or ocean spray.
Pack them for a snow-packed day.

-Douglas Florian

Both of these poems come from Summersaults by Douglas Florian. I love his series of four books that honor and celebrate each season of the year.


  1. Oh, I love the thought of packing ocean spray! These wonderful offerings pair nicely with Linda Baie's original poem today. Thanks so much for sharing, Ramona - Happy Long Weekend!

  2. Oh my, we are kindred spirits and this is one Douglas Florian book I don't have! We do need to be closer to each other! Ha! I love that Pack Up! poem very much, Ramona. Thanks for sharing today!

  3. Oh, these are DELIGHTFUL! Yes, we need to pack up those memories for the cold times. Hold onto them as long as we can...make them the basis of new ones. Lovely, lovely post.

  4. Ramona, thank you for sharing these poems from Florian. I love his writing and had him working with our elementary students years ago when I was a reading specialist. He had a way with words and the spirit to engage children in poetry exercises. I am hoping that the summer gallery lets us linger in warm, delightful thoughts when the cold weather comes.

  5. Thanks for sharing Douglas Florian's genius.

  6. What fun poems! I've never tried to pack up a bit of summer, but if we were lucky enough to get snow over the winter, I did pack a bowl of it in the freezer to make snow cream in July!

  7. I'll pack this one Ramona,

    "Pack a pond
    Or ocean spray."

    Thanks for sharing Douglas Florian, he's a favorite of mine!