Friday, August 3, 2018

Poetry Friday: A Sampling of Rhyming Picture Books

Mary Lee at A Year of Reading is 
hosting this week's round-up of
poetic goodness. Be sure to stop by to 
see Mary Lee's delightful Blitz Poem.

When I haven't yet decided on something for my post, I tend to wander around other folks' posts for ideas. And when I landed on Laura's post asking us to read a poem to a child on September 29, I was all in. You see, I read poetry to my eighteen month old grandson every day we're together. So for today's post, I rounded up a sampling of some rhyming picture books he loves. When we finish a book, he returns to the cover for a rereading. We never stop at one time through! Sometimes, it's three or four or more rereadings. 

Here are some highlights beginning with the books we sing:

1. Hello (from Highlights) - These are delightful, monthly magazines that are perfect for birth to age two. We love checking on the poets to see if it's anyone we know from Poetry Friday. There's always a rhyming song set to a familiar tune.

2. Five Little Ducks illustrated by Anthony Lewis - Jack loves the Child's Play books which include actions through mime and ASL signs. We were introduced to this series by Nancy Stewart, a local musician who does story time at our indie bookstore.

3. Hush Little Baby by Sylvia Long - I love giving this book to new moms. Sylvia wrote this version of the familiar song by providing comfort in the natural things of the world and the warmth of a mother's love (instead of the things the mother promises to buy the child in the original version).

4. Farmyard Beat by Lindsey Craig & illustrated by Marc Brown - A new find from my most recent trip to the library, each farm animal's page begins with these words that you'll end up chanting: 
(insert animal name) can't sleep.
(insert animal name) can't sleep.
(insert animal name) can't sleep
'cause they got that beat!
Until finally, Farmer Sue is awakened and can't sleep 
'cause she's heard that beat. 
Soon everyone's dancing to that beat. 
...they fall in a heap!
And on the last page, as the sun rises, the rooster sings - 
I've got that beat.

5. Super Submarines by Tony Mitton & Ant Parker - part of a boxed set of books that my daughter received as a shower gift. Each book is a different vehicle and the final page of each book shows parts of the vehicle with explanations. 

6. Bus by Chris Demarest - simple illustrations with four word rhyming sentences. I love the final two pages - "Turn corner, brakes hiss. Hop off, hug, kiss." That hug and kiss is delivered to the dog who's been waiting for the child's return. This is one we've checked out more than once.

7.  I'm Going to Give You a Bear Hug! by Caroline B. Cooney & illustrated by Tim Warnes. Another recent library book find, this delightful rhyming story is based on a verse that Caroline wrote for her own children (now grown) and is her first picture book. (Full disclosure here - Jack won't let me read this one to him, but I love it! How does he already have such strong opinions on what he will listen to?) 

8. Sleepy ABC by Margaret Wise Brown & illustrated by Karen Katz - Originally published in 1953, Karen Katz's 2010 pictures make these 26 ways to say goodnight shine. 


  1. Great recommendations! These books will assure that lots of littles will have poetry read to them on September 29!

  2. Jack has good taste thanks to his Grandma. I must check out what you have here, Ramona. I had a whole back of books for Sierra when she visited last weekend.

  3. He will grow up a poet, Ramona! I'll share this with a friend who has a toddler; she'll love the list!

  4. I'm so glad you are reading poetry to your little guy. Your never too young to soak in all the fun language and rhythm.

  5. What a great collection of rhyming books! Thanks for sharing.