Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Slice of Life: A Delightful Monday!

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Normally, I don't watch my grandson Jack on Mondays, but this week my daughter's schedule was switched around a bit. So we found ourselves making a run to the library on Monday morning to return books that were due this week.

Jack has his favorite routines at the library: 

First stop is always the magnet board.

That's followed by playing with the orange dogs.
And then he makes his way to the board books. He spent a long time looking at his favorite books.

I wish I had a pic of him carrying two books to the checkout desk and trying to reach the counter to hand them to the librarian. Imagine my surprise when she lowered to counter to kid height. 

This week I limited our board book checkouts to ten. Here they are with a bit of commentary on each title.
Jack's favorites (ordered by preference & the # of times we've already read them):
Trucks to the Rescue!Sounds, and The Book of Things that Go.
Are you noticing a definite theme here?

Grandma's favorite: 
Blanket of Love, a lovely rhyming picture book, part of Little Simon books imprint
You can be sure that I'll be checking out the other two pictured on the back - Good Night My Darling Baby and Mama Loves You So.

Two books to sing:
Itsy Bitsy Spider and We Love to Sing Along!

One book to celebrate summer:
Good Night Summer

One book that focuses on nighttime routines:

One alphabet book:
O is for Orca
This boy is already identifying certain letters - O, D, and G were his first three.

Another Grandma favorite:
I Like It When . . . 
Can you see why I love it?
I love the opportunity to immerse myself in the books that Jack loves and read with him often. What are some of the favorite board books in the lives of the children you love?


  1. Ramona, you made memories with Jack this week and I did with Sierra at the Jersey shore. Thanks for sharing Jack's hits.

  2. Great library routine! Love the book commentary, too.

  3. I love seeing the pictures of course, and because of the bookstore & having a few new titles to purchase. Jack is growing up! I've only kept two, Goodnight Moon and Hand Hand Fingers Thumb. I do remember loving Guess How Much I Love You, & gave all the rest to the girls when they were young. It was a delightful Monday, Ramona!

  4. Thanks to your pictures and words, I feel like I just immersed myself in Jack's library visit!

  5. A child who has a library routine (with Grandma, no less!) at Jack's age is blessed, indeed.