Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Slice of Life: Cars, Closets, and Cobblers

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Jack was spending some time with me while his mom was at a doctor's appointment. We were playing with the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe in the driveway. Jack kept reaching underneath the dash and pulling up spider webs which troubled him. So we decided it was time for a car wash. Bucket, washcloths, and sponge in hand, we washed that cozy coupe from top to bottom. We flipped it over and made sure there were no lingering spider webs. When we set it out to dry, his mom drove up the driveway from her appointment. 

Sara was planning to have Jack take a nap at my house while we tackled my closet. Since we couldn't really work on the closet until Jack took his nap, I decided we should make a peach cobbler. I had six very ripe peaches that were perfect for this endeavor. We tried a new recipe as part of my search for a cobbler recipe like the one my mom used to make. This one came from a friend on FB when I recently sent out a plea for cobbler recipes. It's the one my husband and daughter thought I should have made last time when I tried the one in my Homesick Texan cookbook. 
 This was Jack's project while
we assembled the cobbler!

Once it was in the oven, we had lunch and got Mr. Jack down for a nap. I pulled half of the clothes from my closet and laid them on the bed. We retrieved the cobbler from the oven. It smelled heavenly!

And then we went to work on the two piles of clothes while the cobbler cooled. I'm happy to report that I parted with a few more clothes, especially the ones that my daughter reminded me were too dated (she remembered some of them from when I taught 3rd grade and she was a middle schooler . . . that would have been almost twenty years ago).

And before we knew it, we had a huge bag of clothing to donate and the cobbler was ready to consume. We're both avid milk drinkers, so of course, we added a mug of milk to each serving of cobbler. We settled down at the table, cobbler, milk, and books in hand for our well-earned reward!
This was the remains of the cobbler.
A friend stopped by and Sara packed 
some to take home to share with Jack.
It was delicious, but I'm still searching 
for a recipe more like my mom's, with a 
topping that is more like pie crust than biscuits.
Let me know if you have a cobbler recipe
that fits the bill. I'm sure we have time for
more trials before peaches are out of season.


  1. Oh, yum! I love cobbler - in fact, I just made a blueberry cobbler this week. This slice is redolent in the everyday details that make life so wonderful. And I'm looking forward to hearing about the cobbler recipe in the future!

  2. Ramona, since I love to bake when you find your just right recipe, let me know please. I see that Jack has just as much fun taking things out of drawers as Sierra does. Your slice was delicious today.

  3. I love your alliterative title and this peachy peek at your day! (You see what I did there, right?!?! :-)