Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Slice of Life: My Top Three Reasons for Attending NCTE!

I promise to share more about my NCTE conference 
experience once Thanksgiving isn't lurking around the bend.
For now it's a sharing of pics and
my top three reasons for attending:

#3. Meeting authors, book signings and free books!
  #2. Stellar sessions with rock star educators and authors!
(just a few of the sessions that I attended
& took pics of the presenters).

#1. My community of fellow educators & bloggers! 
It's larger than the folks pictured here,
but these are the folks I pestered
to pose for a pic with me.
Carol Varsalona and I finally managed 
to meet in person. Her seasonal galleries
of images and poetry are her gift to our world.
I met Kim Doele at the Newcomer's Breakfast four years ago
at my first (and only until now) NCTE conference. 
She saw my Twitter post and reached out 
hoping we could connect again. 
Leigh Anne Eck, blogger and friend, whose
slice I remember  EVERY time I buy milk. 
Ruth Ayres, my virtual friend (until I attended my first
All Write conference in Indiana), is a nurturer
and encourager of my writing and spiritual life.
Irene Latham presented at the middle school where
I used to teach, spoke with the members of 
my after school book club, and spent time with me
before heading to Poetry Camp at Western University.  
The world needs more huggers (and poets)
like Amy Ludwig VanDerwater! Aren't we
lucky to have her in the world?


  1. Thanks for sharing some of your highlights! Too far for me to travel to NCTE, but I appreciated learning a bit from afar. I am sure you have lots to think about for the weeks ahead.

  2. Looks like soooo much fun! I really wanted to go but couldn't find a roommate!

  3. It looks like it was a little heaven on earth! WOW! It must be an incredible experience to go to such an event!

  4. Your pictures document an amazing time! I will look forward to your post after Thanksgiving.

  5. Three very good reasons to attend a conference. Lucky you!
    Happy Thanksgiving!