Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Slice of Life: What to Pack in a Bag Marked NCTE!

I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice"
to the Tuesday Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Betsy, BethKathleen,
Deb, Melanie, Lanny, and Kelsey
 for hosting this meeting place each Tuesday
and nurturing our writing lives.

Walking shoes
A book for the flight

A sweater
A book in need of an autograph
Pumpkin chocolate chip bread (for those who can gather after G10)

My new notebook
Several favorite pens
Protein bars & fruit

An empty backpack and a tote bag or two (for stashing book finds)
Energy for the long days
Delight for this magnificent gathering!


  1. oh exciting that you are going!!! Enjoy your time and let us know abut the good books you find!

  2. Books and notebooks are always priority when packing. Wishing you fabulous time at NCTE!

  3. A great list for your trip. I get to drive this year, so i am going to empty the back of my car to make room for more books. Energy is a must, so I am thankful that I started new antibiotics and a steroid pack today because I cannot be sick! Tell me more about how I get a piece of pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

    1. Someone mentioned a possible gathering after the Friday G10 presentation, "Writing Poetry in the Wild." If we can, we'll find a spot to enjoy some tea/coffee and pumpkin bread. If not, we'll break out the bread and our water bottles in the hallway.

    2. I'm so jealous that you'll have your car! Enjoy the drive and the space for books.

  4. How exciting to know you are going - me too. I hope our paths will cross. I still have to pack and have similar ideas. Travel safe.

  5. Ramona, you are so organized. I am still trying to catch up, pack, and collect all the necessary items while still getting ready for my 2 presentations. I am exhausted thinking about this but I am excited to see you and my other friends. Count me in on your cake. Did I give you my cell phone #?

  6. I’ve been reading so much about it... wish I could go!!!

  7. I hope our paths cross! I love your poetic packing list. And your list reminded me not to forget my snacks! Last year I forgot to bring snacks and would have really liked a protein bar now and then. Safe travels! (And what book are you taking for the flight? I bought a book of essays by Brian Phillips that I've been reading good reviews of, Impossible Owls.)

    1. Just picked up The Journey of Little Charlie which is on our Mock Newbery list. Also tossing in The Ministry of Ordinary Places and Anne Lamont's new book, Almost Everything. It is a four hour flight and you never know what reading mood you might be in, right?