Saturday, December 29, 2018

Celebrating November & December!

Join us each weekend for Celebrate This Week with Ruth Ayres.

When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build. 

   A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

The past two months have been quite a whirlwind!

First was NCTE, a delight from the sessions attended
to the shared hugs and conversations with my blogger friends
to the free lodging and rides provided by my Texas friends.

And a Thanksgiving with everyone home!
A certain someone celebrated his birthday twice - 
with cake and then with pie! 
Christmas pjs delivered early.
 Matching Christmas tees
Enjoying Grandma's cookie bars
My favorite pic - boys and books!
Then, a scary diagnosis for my brother the week of Thanksgiving led to my hopping on a plane the next week to spend some time with him.
Things learned while we were together:
1. Hallmark movies make everything better.
2. There's something very special about sibling love. 
3. Prayers are answered.
Gratitude for God's love and all on our prayer team.
 And my brother never once complained about his liquid diet! 
(Great example for his whiny little sis.)
An early Christmas treat was attending Kara's
final rehearsal for their upcoming community concert.
After a few days at home, I went to DC with Sara and Jack.
While they visited Will's sis and family in Baltimore, 
I worked on  transcribing the letters
my dad had written to my mom during World War II 
(a project started by my niece Kara and my brother Karl).
I typed the last few letters written in December 1944
before his capture at the Battle of the Bulge with an enormous sense of sadness, gratitude for his service, and joy for his survival. 
I could never write full time from home. In order to keep my 
BIC (butt in chair) while working on this project, 
I had to keep my HIC (hand in chocolate).
My son laughed when I told him I had eaten
all the chocolate chips in his freezer
(not true, I made pumpkin chocolate chip bread that day).
But I did do a bit of damage on a large package of M&Ms.
Blake and Sara (brother and sister) assemble Teddy's kitchen.
 Who knew these elves could work together for two hours? 
 Jack and Uncle Blake enjoy a giggle fest!

  One of the things I miss about writing a weekly celebrate post is remembering the little things worth celebrating.
This morning I pulled up to Starbucks (a favorite writing spot) 
and found a parking spot right in front of the door.
I love celebrating the simple pleasures!

 I must include a couple more favorite grandson pics.
Teddy and Santa 
Jack at the park

Finally, a remembrance that has truly 
sweetened this Christmas season! As Jack and I played
with our wooden nativity figures and 
I talked to him about baby Jesus, he replied, "Newborn King."
My heart fills with joy as I've revisited those words frequently during the past month and celebrated the birth of the newborn king
who came to save us all!


  1. Dear Ramona, This post makes me happy in every possible way. I celebrate with you and wish you and your beautiful family (those boys!!) health and so much joy in the new year! I giggle to think about your BIC and HIC and happily remember that you brought PUMPKIN BREAD to NCTE. That must be a world first. Of course, though. It was you. Much love. xx

  2. It is wonderful that you continue to write these celebration posts. I do miss them, and perhaps in the new year, some of us can start again, with Ruth? What a good year it has been for you, even good news for your brother, & so much fun with the boys, cuter and cuter! Like Amy, I love your BIC and HIC, & that it helped you to finish those letters. My step-father was also in the Battle of the Bulge, Ramona. What a terrible time for those there. Happy New Year to you. Maybe 2019 we'll see each other!

    1. Let's figure out a way to do that, Linda. Such happy memories of our walk and talk years ago at the All Write Conference. And I do love sitting beside you in a conference and watching you sketch and take notes!

  3. How nice to read the happy moments of celebration with your family with answered prayer and sweet moments to reflect on(Jack’s proclaiming the Newborn King) and just fun- birthday cake and birthday pie. Happy New Year! Hope there will be lots more time with family, baking, laughing, reading, writing, and pics!

  4. How wonderful that you took the time to celebrate. HIC is very well justified when you need BIC for completing a project. The three pics of the two little boys are absolutely adorable. Happy New Year!