Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Slice of Life #52Stories: 7/52, No Lost Items Today!

I'm attempting to write 52 stories from my life during the year 2020. One story a week, in no particular order, to remember and document some of the memories of my life. This is the first one that actually occurred during this year.

One sad fact of life as I've grown older is a preponderance of lost items in my life. On Sunday, it was my earbuds. I was headed for the treadmill to pick up enough steps to meet my 10,000 steps goal when I opened my earbud case and it was empty! I spent more than an hour searching for them. I was terrified because I always put them back in the case! My husband helped me look and it was only when I had returned to the car for the third time (convinced they weren't there because I never wear them when driving) that I discovered them on the passenger seat. I was frantically trying to finish a book on audio this past week before our book club meeting, and I must have worn them to the car, pulled them out, carefully placed them on the passenger seat, and promptly forgot that I did this. 

As if that wasn't enough challenge, the next day the butter dish turned up missing. My husband had unloaded the dishwasher. As I was putting away a few items on the counter, I noticed the top of the butter dish, but no bottom. 

"Honey, where's the bottom of the butter dish?" I inquired.  

He replied, "It wasn't in the dishwasher."

"Oh, yes it was," I replied with certitude. I distinctly remembered moving it from a vertical position to a horizontal position as the top rack became ever more crowded and I played the "shuffle-the-dishes-around" game in order to make everything fit.

"Well, it wasn't there when I unloaded," was my husband's reply. 

Each of us spent a bit of time looking around the kitchen trying to figure out where the bottom of the butter dish had gone with no success. And then, just before we headed to bed, my husband found it! In the dishwasher, in the very back of the top rack, under a basket. I had totally forgotten moving it back there as the top rack had become more and more crowded. Mystery solved! 

And I'm happy to report that today has passed uneventfully with no search for lost items eating up time we'd rather spend doing other things. Unfortunately, that seems to be the exception rather than the rule lately.


  1. Ha Ha! I feel like I could have written this. I lose things and find them right in plain sight, though. Thanks for sharing this. It is good to know I am not alone.

  2. My step-dad always said, “Don’t worry, it will be in the last place you look.”

  3. I've seen this happen with other folks in my life. I know my time for stories like this will come too.

  4. Ramona, funny you should write about this. My son has short term memory loss so we are always trying to find items in the strangest places. Maybe I should write a slice about the funniest incidence that occurred when he was small. But he is not the only one who misplaces items in my house. My husband and I have our share of lost things and yes, you are right, the search takes up valuable time.