Thursday, February 6, 2020

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Seasonal Bliss

It's the first Thursday of the month and time 
to show up with our friends for Spiritual Journey Thursday.
Carol at Beyond Literacy Link is hosting this month and selected 
Seasonal Bliss as our theme. Thanks, Carol, for creating this 
beautiful graphic to accompany our monthly reflections.

I have to admit that I've felt a bit grumpy about Carol's chosen theme, Seasonal Bliss. I've even mentioned it to a few family and friends and we've chuckled about the idea of bliss this time of year when we've had nothing but incessant rain for weeks on end (with a bit of sunshine a few days ago, just to show us what we've been missing). 

Reading your posts this morning has brought light to another rainy day and joy to my heart. I love Carol's quote - "Joys come from simple and natural things..." I've already texted it to daughter who is speaking on joy this coming Sunday. And so this morning I'm collecting joy-filled moments.
  • Beads of water sparkling like diamonds on the tree outside my kitchen sink
  • Green shoots of daffodils prepping for their showy entrance, promising spring is on its way
  • Pink blossoms (already!) on the tree as I drive downtown
  • A chance to write my SOL in front of a roaring fire with snow falling gently when I took a friend to her doctor's appointment (a hospital/doctor's office with a huge fireplace & enormous windows to the outside, thanks to the architect who designed this beautiful space)
  • Hummingbirds sipping at their feeder, buzzing me when I happen to step into "their" space
  • A dry morning when I "brushed" the dead leaves out of the tree on the driveway with the long utility broom
  • Days that are growing longer, giving us more light (even if it isn't always sunlight)
  • Playing hide and seek with three year old Jack who hides in clear view with gleeful joy
  • Giggling with almost ten month old Robby
  • Face timing with perpetually moving, always smiling grandson Teddy (and I get to see him this month!)
  • Three friends together yesterday for the first time since mid- December, cups of hot chocolate in hand, the "Call the Midwives " Christmas special on TV, hitting pause when we need to tell stories, reveling in the joy of simply being together (and that we waited to watch this until we could be together)
  • The "winter" lights on the deck popping on each evening as daylight ends and evening descends
  • This forecast!  (5 days when the sun will peek through the clouds.)
Praise to God for seasons, for family, for friends, and for His ever present love. Thanks for reminding me, Carol, that bliss is waiting to be discovered in every season if we just take the time to "Pause, notice, wonder."


  1. Thank you for this list of blessings... it is always good to look for them and remember how God blesses us. Good wishes for some sunshine.

  2. Ramona, thank you for making me laugh at the beginning of your post and a smile at the end. I am driving home from visiting the granddaughters in another misty gray day. BUT the thought of being in their presence is a blessing. We do need to find contentment even on the gray days and that is how we can achieve seasonal bliss during every season. I am so glad that you found ways to bring joy into your life despite the weird weather patterns of late.

  3. What a fun and delightful gathering of blissful moments. They made me smile. Yes, these are wonderful moments for you...and also now me. I'm delighted to see Grandparent love amongst my friends. It's so incredibly special. Enjoy every moment with your grands!

  4. I'm glad you've found some glimpses of bliss!

  5. Dear Ramona, that's a lot of bliss! Your life is filled with joy, and sometimes we need others in our life to remind us of the things we may be overlooking. So happy for you and your beautiful family! xo