Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Searching for Goodness!

 It's true! There's nothing that lifts the spirits faster than searching for goodness.

Just this morning . . .

I read The Ghosts Went Floating three times before taking three year old grandson to pre-school. I dare you to read this one without singing it to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching."

I discovered why 18 month old grandson's name for the book Extra Yarn is Duke! 

My daughter was Booed! and received a plate of goodies at their front door with an invite to pass the fun along.

My daughter's friend, Jaime, popped by and we talked picture books through the window. Jaime, daughter Sara, and I share a love of children's literature.

Robby and I discovered a beautifully spun, glistening web in the rosebushes on the way back to the car after dropping Jack at preschool.

And all of this goodness was discovered before 9:30 am. 
How about you? What goodness have you discovered today? 


  1. Love all of the goodness you celebrated in your post today, Ramona.
    If I had read this post before I titled mine, it would have included the words Tuesday Morning Goodness! We had a lovely music class this morning that transformed the day!

  2. Ramona, I will go out for my walk later if I can ever get my internet service call to come over. There I will find the goodness of nature. I love all the wonderful goodness you experienced this morning.

  3. With all the goodness in the morning one can only smile and perhaps do a little jig.

  4. It's so true- looking for goodness really makes a difference. I'm glad you captured all of these joys... Every day I try to find joy and then I post it on a fb/twitter video -- some days it's harder than others, but just the act of looking for it has been helping me!