Friday, November 13, 2020

Sharing Our Stories & #52Stories 43/52: Writing Inspired by a Photograph!

Finally! A prompt that aligns with something I was already thinking about writing. Only there is the one part of the prompt that Ruth included (to focus on something in the background) that I'm choosing to ignore. How can I when there's so much to focus on in the foreground? 

That's Aunt Estelle (Estelle Scifres Duke) on the left, my dad's little sis, who was born five years after him and was the last child of Andrew T. Scifres and Martha Ada Young. And that's my mom, Lillian Estell Scifres, on the right. There's so much I love about this picture. The smiles on their faces! The friendship these sisters-in-law shared! The handwriting underneath (my mom's) and her addition of the year, 1942! There's so much more I want to know about the picture. Oh, how I wish I could sit down with my mom and talk about it!

My mom and dad were living in Lawton, Oklahoma in 1942 while he was active duty military at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Aunt Estelle was living with her folks in 1942. Maybe the occasion that drew them together was Mother's Day and Aunt Estelle's birthday (May 4) and Grandma Scifres' birthday (May 10). Maybe they were together for Aunt Cordie's funeral in June of that same year.

I love that they're wearing aprons. I don't always wear an apron. I don't like to cook (but I love to bake). I think I'll wear an apron more often and think about these two women that I love and the many meals they cooked and served with love. It just might make me a happier cook!
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Ruth invited us to write off of a photograph this week. Many 
of the stories I've written for my #52Stories project 
have begun with photographs. I love where they take me!


  1. A priceless memento of times past - your young mother especially looks so cheerful! Love how you look at the aprons as connective tissue with family, legacy, baking. What is that they are holding? I am curious! Like you, I always want to know more of the story and wish those from long ago were around to answer my newly-formed questions. I have a trove of old family photos and am grateful that my grandmother made a practice of writing the dates. Again - priceless.

  2. The old photos... I have one of my grandma with many other women, all in white aprons. What apron do you plan to wear?

  3. I love the details you pull from this photo and the reflection and questions they inspire!

  4. I can picture you in your kitchen wearing an apron and thinking of your mom and your aunt. Such a beautiful image.

  5. Photos of loved one stir so many thoughts and feelings! What a sweet photo!