Saturday, May 1, 2021

Sharing Our Stories: A Fabulous Friday!

Fridays are exciting at our house because the grand boys come for the day! Their arrival brings laughter and joy to our home. We played with sand and play dough and Legos and Main Street, read stories and Sesame Street flash cards and Jack's Rocky story, watched vacuum truck videos, introduced Grandma to the upstairs routines (since Grandpa was on a call for work), and went for a walk with Grandpa.

Someone left two May Day baskets filled with flowers on my front porch. It didn't take long for me to figure out they came from two of my favorite visitors throughout this past year. They come on their bikes and sometimes I have cookies to share, but mostly we stand in the driveway, masked and distanced to chat about their day. They're first graders and I've known the twins ever since they were born. And now they're amazing first graders. So glad they made May Day baskets at school and their grandma helped them fill the baskets with flowers from their property. I failed to take a pic of the baskets, but here they are transferred to vases where they brighten my day and perfume my home (yes, those are lilacs). 

When Sara came to pick up the boys Friday afternoon, we had a delightful call from Kara and Kathy! It was serendipitous that Sara and I were together to chat with them about the event they had just attended: the OkPACE (Post-secondary Adult Career Education) spring conference with the presentation of The Karl Scifres Leadership Award in honor of the legacy and hard work performed by my brother, Karl, during his career. We miss this gentle giant who loved and served so many every single day of his "far too short" time on earth.

Friday was also Miss Ruthie's first birthday. We loved getting FaceTime calls throughout the day. It made us feel a part of her special day even though we weren't there in person. And big brother Teddy had a T-ball game on Ruthie's birthday too.

My fabulous Friday ended with a beautiful walk. It was rainy and cloudy for most of the day, but the sun came out for the late afternoon and evening. So glad you could join me for Friday fun!

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  1. This is indeed a fabulous Friday to remember! So much beauty and joy!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous fun Friday! And I love your pictures!

  3. So many grand experiences and memories made on Friday.

  4. What a fabulous list of blessings! I enjoyed reading your words and seeing your photos.

  5. I love your Friday Fun Day, Ramona, and who can believe your little girl is one! Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Keep those flowers coming. They bring such joy and aroma.

  6. That was certainly an action packed fun Friday! There was a smile in every sentence you wrote. You are living a blessed life for sure!

  7. I love this collection of Friday Fun and I do feel like I got to join you. Ruthie is adorable! What fun cake pictures.