Friday, May 14, 2021

Sharing Our Stories: Vacation House Fun!

We just returned from a few days at the Oregon coast with daughter's family. We've dubbed the places we stay "vacation houses" and we loved experiencing the Oregon coast with two of our grandchildren. Two year old Robby was amazed and kept repeating, "Oh, my golly!" (we're not sure where he picked up this phrase) in response to each new space as we toured the house. 

Their family shared the upstairs, complete with a large sitting area perfect for evening story time. Robby's bedroom was a large, walk-in closet, with ample room for his pack and play. Four year old Jack slept in a big bed and loved the space where he could unpack his toys and clothes and place them on open shelves. He even had his own bathroom.

Jack was enthralled with his new Lego garbage truck set and went to work assembling it right away.  Robby loved his new Truck book, complete with tabs and flaps for many different kinds of vehicles. Grandpa hauled in a bin of toys from our house, I brought in my book bag, and the fun began. 

The next morning we headed out for a morning at the beach. The wind had died down a bit overnight. We had sand toys, kites, jackets, windbreakers, morning snack choices, and I even brought my book. (Sometimes I just can't help myself.) It seemed appropriate to be reading Kristin Hannah's The Four Winds on a windswept beach. Although it was a bit chilly, we were rewarded with a gorgeous blue sky backdrop for our colorful kite flying fun. Jack loved standing in the hole his dad dug in the sand, and Robby liked being buried in the sand. Afternoon activities (after nap and quiet time) included a visit to a park, assembling a floor puzzle of a construction site (24 pieces) and cajoling Grandpa to play ball in the garage which consisted of dropping balls into the pockets of a billiard table.

Our 2nd full day began with another beach excursion, this time with overcast skies and more wind. It was a bit shorter, but followed up by hot chocolate to accompany morning snack back at the vacation house. Late afternoon activities included a hike in the nearby woods, games of Red Light, Green Light with Grandpa, making muddy buddies, and grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner. The adults enjoyed an episode of Bone and Shadow each evening after the kids were in bed, and a 300 piece puzzle, perfect for a group of four to finish in one evening. 

Before we knew it, it was our 3rd wake up and time to pack up and head home. Jack and I were sharing hugs that morning when I told him, "
Jack, you make my heart happy!" 

And his gleeful reply? "Grandma, you make my elbows laugh!"

 We returned home with some sand in our vehicles, a few rocks from the beach, and precious memories to last us until our next vacation house excursion. 


  1. Kathy WeatherfordMay 15, 2021 at 6:56 AM

    A lovely post about some of my most favorite people! You all make my elbows laugh! ❤️

    1. Jack may have coined a new family favorite with this one!

  2. I love hearing what littles will say. This is such a clever keeper, "You make my elbows laugh." Looks like you gathered up some special hugs and loving to take home from the beach.

  3. Elbows laughing make a perfect vacation. So glad you got to have this sweet trip! Your family is beautiful!

  4. Oh, this piece just makes me smile. What a way to capture a beautiful time with your grandchildren. The way you ended this piece is priceless - "Grandma, you make my elbows laugh!"

  5. What a spectacular time. Thank you for sharing it. You made me smile and feel like I was there. Loved the pages of the book turning in the wind. :)

  6. Family and joy and love and play and nature. Fabulous time together.

  7. What a totally delightful get-away with your family! Love, love, love the photos!

  8. Love the pictures, love the joy that you captured. So glad we can now gather and travel about the country... loved those precious little boys, Ramona!!! xo