Saturday, August 21, 2021

Slice of Life: Lost and Found!

The day started out well. I walked early in the morning with a friend. We caught up with each other's lives, noticed some beautiful blooms, and spotted a cute green caterpillar. 

I fed the neighbor's salamander and picked up a friend to run errands with me. We went to TJ Maxx and then Target. We came back to the island and had lunch at a local spot we love. I dropped my friend off and headed home without remembering that I had planned to stop by the post office.

When I arrived home, I saw the package on the table that needed to be returned. A company recently sent me the wrong size and they gave me a $10 credit on the new order to cover shipping. I decided to head to the post office with the plastic envelope (that it came in) so I could discover the least expensive way to return it. I waited for a long time (post office miseries) to arrive at an open window. I learned the best way to return the item was in the package it arrived in.

So I stepped aside with my trusty "big box" tape dispenser to ready the package and affix the label. After the next customer was processed, it was my turn at the window once again. I reached into my wallet and discovered that my credit card was missing. Luckily, I had some cash and could pay the required postage. My mind frantically went over the morning's tasks to determine the last time I had used my card. 

It must have been when I placed my lunch order. It was a completely self-service ordering spot. I probably just failed to retrieve my card from the reader. Another wait while someone checked the safe (even though they assured me no one had turned in a card recently). They pulled out a stack of credit cards (more than ten) and flipped through them looking for my name. No luck!

I returned dejectedly to the car, thinking that we might have to cancel the card (on the chance that someone had taken my card). I went through my wallet again, pulled everything out of my purse and flipped through the contents on the seat. No card! It was probably time to call my husband and report the card as missing. As I picked up my planner to return it to the purse, the card I was seeking fell out of its pages and onto the seat. Hallelujah! We don't always find the lost item, but when we do it is a time of rejoicing. I uttered a quick prayer of gratitude and made sure to return the card to its correct slot in my wallet.


  1. I'm a chronic loser of stuff. My husband always says it's my one flaw (although I have many more). Your post has inspired me to write about my own experience!

  2. Been there, done that. It is such a relief when a “lost” card shows up, not lost but hidden out of its usual place.

  3. I low how even though the event itself was chaotic, reading our writing and the story itself was actually quite soothing. Maybe it was because you opened with the walk and the caterpillar or the methodical way you retraced your steps to find the card. I love the end how it just fell onto your lap. This was a good slice.

  4. This slice was an emotional rollercoaster! I'm glad there was a happy ending!

  5. I was mesmerized by your feeding the neighbor's salamanders! And I, too, have many "lost things" stories. My high school ring vanished and I found it years later in a suitcase pocket - I was so surprised that I cried out and my husband came running! So glad you found your card. Losing one of those is so stressful.

  6. I have been there! SO HAPPY you found your card. I love reading your slices of life. It make me feel so connected. Small things matter, don't they?