Saturday, January 1, 2022

First Meanderings of 2022

I'm thrilled to see 2021 in the rear view mirror and to face 2022 with renewed faith and hope and optimism that things will be better.

I've started the new year in my favorite way by reading!

I discovered a New Yorker interview with Lois Lowry in a link from a Gretchen Rubin post. I've been fortunate to have heard her speak twice: once in Seattle (2008) and once in Washington DC (2012) at the National Book Festival. I love her book, Gossamer, and she mentions it in the interview.  Put it on your WTR (TBR) list if you've never read it. (And here I must digress and explain my use of WTR versus TBR. "To be read" just sounds like an assignment, like something that needs to be done. However, "want to read" captures the joy and the passion of diving into a book that calls to you. So I have a WTR list, not a TBR list.)

Then, I popped over to FB, planning to search SOS (Sharing Our Stories) in search of recent posts. 

I immediately forgot to do that and lost myself in Christy's collage of pictures from 2021. Just viewing them made me think about images and decide that I'll do a retrospective 2021 post by collecting 21 of my favorite images. 

And then I discovered these words from T.S. Eliott that Linda shared in her new year post: “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.”  

And of course, that quote makes me think of last year's OLW and how I still haven't written my reflection on comfort which I simply must write before I share/unveil my word for this new year.

And so I begin 2022 with a meandering post of my early morning ramblings. And ideas for several future posts. And a resolve to mark this new year with more words on my blog. 

Happy 2022! 

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