Thursday, January 6, 2022

SJT and SOS: My OLW Reveal for 2022!

Margaret at Reflections on the Teche is hosting 
Spiritual Journey Thursday for January. 
We're gathering to share our OLWs for 2022.

I have a list of words I love to revisit when it's time to choose a new word. But my word for 2022 chose me in December. Some of my words have been "being" words (my favorites), some are "doing" words that ask more of me and challenge me, but most are a wonderful combination of being and doing. Several years ago, I penned this poem using my OLW for each year as the lead for each line. But I stopped after year 7. And since this is year 10, I wanted to finish this second stanza. And so I add years 8 and 9 to the second stanza:

Listen to the stillness,

Savor the present moment,

Stretch to grow, and always 

Abide in His love to 

Nourish my soul and reach out in love. 


Delight in small moments and simple pleasures,

Try, a gentle word inviting growth and change.

Light becomes a beacon during difficult times,

Comfort wraps me in a year of coping with loss,

(I'll wait until year's end to add my line about this year's OLW...)

Each year, I peruse my list of unused words from previous years (gather and connect were definitely in the running for this year). but the call from clear was urgent and one I couldn't ignore. Initially it chose me because of the physical challenges I face of clearing clutter. We know that one of these days we will downsize and now seems a perfect time to focus on clearing spaces in our home. 

However, I also look forward to  letting "clear" become a way to find focus for my days. I love this quote I found: "Clear your mind. Your heart is trying to tell you something." (Unknown) And that takes me back to my very first word, listen. I look forward to my clearing journey for 2022 so that I can listen more often to my heart. I spent some time learning to meditate last year with Headspace. I look forward to getting back into that routine.

And now, I'm off to read the posts of my fellow bloggers at both Spiritual Journey Thursday and Sharing Our Stories. What a perfectly delightful focus for the next bit of my morning!

I love to join my friends at Sharing Our Stories on Thursdays!


  1. Great choice! Blessings as you try to find out what your heart is trying to tell you!

  2. CLEAR -- what a lovely word for 2022. One year my friend, Tam, chose GLASS because of the clear quality of it. I thought it was such an interesting word. I cannot wait to hear how CLEAR unfolds for you this year. (Also, I looooooove when a word finds us!)

  3. Clear is a great choice. I love words that can take on different perspectives. I love how you created a poem from your past words. I can't remember all of mine and certainly not the order. I thought I would figure it out before I posted, but it didn't happen. I'm trying to be OK with doing...enough.

  4. What a fabulous word choice, clear! I cannot wait to see where it takes you. I am already thinking of clear skies, clearing weeds (real and metaphorical). So inspiring, Ramona - as is your poem. You've chosen so many powerful words as lenses for living. What meaningful lines you've crafted around them, so uplifting and intriguing... I want to see what that final line will be! Joy and blessing to you in this new year.

  5. I echo the comments above, your choice is clearly meant to be. And what a blessing when an idea becomes clear to us. Enjoy this treasure of a word.

  6. A fascinating word. Makes space physically and mentally. Highlights the important things. Purifies the soul. May your word serve you well.

  7. Oh, how wonderful! There are multiple meanings of this word which I imagine will make for a creative experience. I love this word! Thank you for the poem and I look forward to seeing how the word works into the latest (last?) line.

  8. "Clear" is a fabulous word--direction, space, vision, love. I'm looking forward to seeing what this word does in you this year!

  9. Ramona, today I cleared space to sit and read my SJT and slicers' posts. I don't always have such luxury but I do appreciate quiet time being surrounded by friends. I do believe in the power of friendship and I honor our relationship and the memory of being with you at NCTE. Clear is an innovative word to guide you. I do applaud you for understanding its importance as it paves a new journey for you. I will say that decluttering is a worthwhile endeavor. I have struggled with it for years but moving to a new home forced me to consider what is important to keep and what could be given away or sold so others could benefit from my treasures. I am trying once again to declutter and realize that I did take items to my new house that I do not need. I appreciate your word and how it affects my thoughts on simplifying life. Peace to you.

  10. You are prompting me to go back and explore my own "little words" from years past; I love the way you gathered yours up in poetry. "Clear" is such a powerful word--clearing space, clearing one's mind in meditation, clearing the way for a better future. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!