Thursday, February 3, 2022

Sharing Our Stories: Whimsy and Snow!

When the Christmas tree and decorations come down, my snowmen go up. It helps me maneuver through the dark days of January and February. I keep my holiday lights burning on the deck too. This year I have new lights and I thought there was a red and white combination I could use for February, but I've discovered it's just red lights. It made me giggle and think of a red light district 😂, so I switched to blue lights last night.  I may be brave and switch to red for a few more nights before Valentine's Day. My snowman collection is my contribution to whimsy (our prompt from last week), a collection that is quaint, fanciful, and playful which always brightens my post holiday winter days.

And then Ruth gave us the prompt "snow" this week. I'm relieved that it's not snowing here. We had quite a round of snow on Christmas and the day after that hung around for more than a week. We are not well equipped for dealing with snow in the Pacific Northwest, so it often means that things grind to a halt which is usually okay with me. But being snowed in for the days between Christmas and New Year's Day felt oppressive and disappointing. Maybe because we've spent so much time indoors during the past two years, but especially since we had looked forward to seeing the zoo lights with daughter's family during that time and having some fun mother-daughter time together while my son-in-law was home from work. I hope the current snowstorm is short-lived and without power outages for friends and family who are affected, especially my Texas relatives who endured the power outages last year.

Just like I love snowmen, I love books about snow. My latest find is Where Snow Angels Go by Maggie O'Farrell. First printed in Ireland in 2020, the US edition arrived in 2021. It's Maggie O'Farrell's first book for children (a longer picture book with beautiful illustrations by Daniela Terrazzini). Don't miss the author's note about how the book came to be. Check it out of the library (like I did) or purchase it. It's definitely going on my list of books I must own!

 Joining my friends at Sharing Our Stories 
with a two-fer post combining last week's 
Whimsy invitation with this week's Snow invitation.


  1. Ah Ramona, I'm glad you took the prompts and put them together. I love whimsy and it has been fun hearing what everyone writes about in response to whimsy.

    My grandma collected snowmen, and reading your post I wonder if she did it for the same reason as you -- for the joy and whimsy and smiles they provide in the dark winter days.


  2. I need to track down that book! I also love snowmen, and I have a collection that covers my piano starting in November. My Christmas plates used to be patterned with snowmen too, so I could keep them out longer. They just make so much joy!

  3. Whimsy and snow can certainly go hand-in-hand. Where Snow Angels Go sounds like a delightful book, which is always a true Ramona recommendation!

  4. While snowed-in might not be fun, the world would be less interesting without snowmen and snow angles and snowflakes.

  5. Ramona, I am with you concerning the days after Christmas decorations. I love the coziness of lights and the playfulness of snowmen. When Christmas decorations come down (still not put away, jut removed) I change to my winter decorations. White lights, winter greenery, frosted florals, and snowmen come to call. I even have a delightfully tall winter shopper decoration given to me by my secretary when I was still working as a district administrator. Faux candlelight provides a quiet scene. It is restful and makes me feel the wonder of winter. So, yes, I agree that something is needed after Christmas decorations. As for red lights, the girls and I decorated my Santa mailbox for Valentines and I added a tiny strand of red heart lights to give the right ambience. Be daring. Use your red lights before Valentine's Day. Thanks for reminding me that whimsy can be achieved so easily.

  6. Oh, Ramona - red-light district-!! So funny. I confess that my tree is STILL up because I love the white lights and frosted branches even more when it's actually snowing outside, which for us most often occurs in January. I fully identify with your need for something festive "to maneuver through the dark days of January and February." I am going to need this snow angel book for my granddaughters - thank you for all of this, the whimsy AND the snow(men)!