Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Slice of Life: Meet, Ella, April's Featured Ancestor!

I am participating in a challenge from Megan at Modern Genealogy to focus and learn more about one ancestor each month. 

Happy 121st birthday (April 12, 1901) to my grandmother, Ella Martin Duff and her twin brother, Elvis Martin. They were born to William Martin and Mary Ann Wilson in Talihina, Oklahoma. They joined three siblings - Leonard (9), Rebecca (6), and Madeleine (4). Three more siblings - Melvin, Palmyra, and Woodrow later joined the family. Two other siblings died in infancy, Carl and Catherine, and one sibling was stillborn. 

Ella married William Orson Duff on March 2, 1918 just before she turned 17 years of age. Granny’s twin, Elvis, died of the flu on December 25, 1918. Ella and William Orson ‘Bud’ Duff were the parents of 5 children: Raymond, Lillian (my mom), Natalie, Ruby Dee, and Edna. They farmed and raised their children in McNally Flat, Pittsburg, Oklahoma. Bud died in 1960 at 58 years of age. Ella left the farm & moved to McAlester in 1964 where she resided until her death in 1983 at 82 years of age. My middle name is Ella, after my grandmother. I’m in two of the photos. Hint: Granny is holding me in each photo! #ancestorofthemonth #moderngenealogy

Here's a link to one of my #52stories about how Granny passed her love of puttering and genealogy to me.

One of my favorite pics of my granny, Ella Martin Duff.

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