Tuesday, April 5, 2022

SOS and SOL: Sharing Morning Joys

 I awake at 5:45 with joy in my heart. I slept through the night! It's the fist time this has happened since I screwed up my sleep cycle mid-March by commenting and blogging in the middle of the night.

I reach for my cozy black "O State Cowboys" fleece to ward off early morning shivers. 

I listen to the swish swish of tires on wet pavement as early risers head to work.

I reach for my computer to meander and wander willy-nilly through a few blog posts. (I still can't bring myself to use blogs as a noun to refer to a single post.)

I discover that Carol is posting poems for NPM.  

I sorrow as my alarm sounds and I realize that my meandering time is done. I have a doctor's appointment that forces me to leave my cozy morning joys.

I write this post of seven joys (okay there was one sorrow amidst the joy) in fourteen minutes. I couldn't write without a nod to my obsession with numbers.


  1. Lovely - I also wake and meander through blogs, social media and online news before heading into the day. Fun to read your post! Rain and chilly here in Minnesota as well.

  2. My sleep schedule is always off in March. I find myself babysitting the challenge at midnight... making sure the posts go live.

    Hoping both of us get more consistent rest this month!

  3. My sleep schedule was off last week, and it made me crazy! I enjoyed reading about your joys!

  4. Hooray for good sleep! It makes every day better. Hope your day has been good.

  5. So glad you were able to sleep, Ramona! I can't say "blogs" for "posts," either. Your obsession with numbers fascinates me - I love how you find these patterns. Wasn't it Galileo who said our universe is a grand book written in the language of math?

  6. Ramona, I totally understand about screwing up your sleep cycle. I did it too and promised myself I would not continue the practice but here I am after 12 reading slices. I have an invitation for National Poetry Month for slicers. It is at my slice.