Wednesday, March 30, 2022

SOL 31/31: Reflecting on this month of slicing

It's here, the final day of March 2022 Slice of Life Challenge. We have one day left to slice. I'm not sure what compelled me to start a seven-day countdown, but it's been a delight.

While I worked on this slice in the wee hours (think 2 am) of Wednesday morning there was one other family member awake. The youngest member of daughter and son-in-law's family, Oliver, was chattering contentedly in his walk-in closet accommodations. He was directly under the upstairs bedroom and his babbling provided a lilting accompaniment for my writing. 

 My babbling buddy! 
Hot chocolate staches are the best!
When I appeared on the scene at 7:15 am, 
Jack accused me of sleeping in. We 
love combining books and breakfast.
This was our second reading of 
Charlie & Mouse Lost and Found.

One of my favorite ways to end the month is to count my slices by topic. With no further ado, here's my numerical wrap up of this month's slices (with the #1s in bold, a nod to this last day of slicing):

One slice with no comments (Not any more! Thank you, Julieanne!)

One slice responding to the invite for Leigh Anne's slicer party  

One walking slice

One rambling farm woman slice (AKA if you give a mouse a cookie slice)

2 collection slices

2 spider slices

2 cookie slices 

3 ancestor slices

4 poetic slices

5 spring slices

5 book slices

7 memory slices 

8 grandchildren slices

11 numerically linked slices

20 slices with pictures

And just in case you're wondering, I recognize that the total is more than 31 slices (some slices fit in more than one category). Add them all up and you get 73, the year I graduated from high school (I know, most of you weren't even born then!).

This was my eleventh year of participating in the challenge, but I almost stopped at ten. Thanks to Leigh Anne Eck's  post on Facebook, I reconsidered my decision and jumped in at the last minute.


  1. So glad you didn’t stop at ten. What a fun way to end the challenge. Sweet grandkids!

  2. I'm with Jess. So glad you didn't stop. I love your slices by the numbers. So interesting what we focus on. Not surprising there are lots with pictures and family. ❤️

  3. Woo hoo congratulations! I love this numerical celebration.
    Will consider it for next year’s final slice.
    I a, glad you came back for an 11th year.

  4. I am fascinated by the way you take stock of things, Ramona, and how you look for numerical patterns. These revelations give weight and meaning to moments, an accounting of time spent noticing, pondering, writing. Most of all, counting your blessings! You're a tremendous inspiration; I always come away from your posts feeling uplifted. I am grateful for you and your words. I celebrate life's journey alongside you, most especially the gift of grandchildren (so precious) and all the words and the reckonings to come!

  5. I'm so glad you jumped in at the last minute! It wouldn't be March without you!! All of these numerical connections are so interesting to me and stretch my thinking.

  6. I love the way you analyzed your slices (and those cute grands!)

  7. You have quite the collection of slices! It's awesome that you joined in and shared so much. Your grandchildren are so adorable and I love how you cherish them!

  8. This is a fun way to end the challenge. I like that you kept track
    Of all the slices in a numerical way.

  9. Wow, you could have been a math teacher, too! My favorite photo is the one of you reading at the breakfast table. There's always time for a book! (Tam Truong)

  10. Love the way you reviewed all of your slices! Leigh Anne is my inspiration for the challenge this year also!

  11. I am so glad we BOTH decided to do this again! I love all your numerology! What cute little readers you are creating!

  12. Ramona, what a lovely way to end your month of slicing. I like how you categorized your slices at the end. I tried out thumbnail categories at the start of our challenge but at the end, I created an index poem of titles from Day 1 to Day 31. 7:15 am is a perfectly decent time to greet the family but I guess Jack thought differently. Grandkids have a way of lighting up life.

  13. Love seeing all your photos along the way, especially these ones of your grandsons. Also very impressed with your counting up your slices into categories. I definitely don't think I could do that! It's been a fun month!