Tuesday, March 15, 2022

SOL 15/31: My RSVP

The invitation came from Leigh Anne. She's one of the slicers I've met in person. You'll feel  like you've known her all your life about two minutes into your first conversation. There's no one better suited to host our writing retreat. I'm all in for this gathering!

Come join us in Leigh Anne's idyllic setting, "...a cabin tucked away in a world of lush green fields surrounded by beautiful flowers blooming under blue skies and perfect temperatures." There's only one thing I would need to add to this description and that would be sunny skies. Even though blue skies implies sunshine, I want to be sure it's there (spoken by the gal who may not see the sun until a week from tomorrow).

Writing Tools - I'll bring three notebooks for writing and my favorite pencil pouch filled with a variety of medium point (never thin!) writing implements. I may try out some of your favorites before I arrive so I can add to my collection. And of course, I'll include sticky notes.

Foods/Beverages - Terje says we'll have our own chef, so I'll bring my favorite tea, Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice, and my favorite Theo's chocolate bar, Salted Toffee. I'll pack an assortment of Theo's chocolate bars for everyone to try. I might even add some milk chocolate choices for those who haven't gone to the dark side yet.

When our book club gathers for our annual (except for the last three years 😢) retreat in March, I bring frozen cookie dough (of my own making) and milk for a midnight snack. Everyone loves to see me disappear into the kitchen and return with cold milk and hot cookies. I'm sure our on-site chef will allow me access to the kitchen for this late night treat.

Quote - " If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a (wo)man when (s)he goes for a walk." - Raymond Inman (parentheses added by yours truly)

I hope you'll join us! You can find the invitation here. The hardest part will be quieting the chatter for writing time. But we'll look forward to sharing our writing and our hearts at that midnight gathering around the fire. 

This is my eleventh year of participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. This year I'll be mining my memories for stories to share. 


  1. Aww...thank you for the kind words! I loved meeting you in person, and wouldn't it be magical to meet again in this setting?!? The idea of you sneaking into the kitchen to bake cookies is wonderful! I am so glad Terje suggested the chef! :)
    I had to chuckle at your last lines about quieting for writing time. Thank you for joining us!

  2. This looks delicious - - those cookies! The writing too. I love walking for finding voice. A writer's gotta walk and do some gold mining to write.

  3. This sounds wonderful! Thanks for bringing the home-baked midnight snacks. I definitely think there will be a struggle to stop the visiting in order to write!

  4. I am happy you joined. Thank you for the chocolate. I am on the dark side already. Thank you for the cookies. I'll be patient while waiting.

  5. I’ll cooperate and help eat those cookies! 😋’Preciate the request for sunny skies. They’ll make our gathering perfect.

  6. This was enchanting! I loved the detail about you disappearing into the kitchen and returning with warm cookies and cold milk. Thank you for sharing :)

  7. I'm coming for the chocolate (milk chocolate for me please, I don't like to waste calories on the dark stuff) and warm cookies at midnight! I love the idea of freezing the dough, going to do that for my book club next time we go somewhere!

  8. Ramona, what a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow slicers. The way you wrote about your notebooks, snacks, and scenery, made the entire experience sound so inviting. I'm thankful we were able to connect on Zoom a few weeks ago. I hope you and your writing crew have a blast!