Sunday, March 6, 2022

SOL 6/31: At This Hour

 At This Hour . . .

I sit at the kitchen table, cold cup of tea beside me, trying to find a slice for Sunday night.

I promise myself that there will be no racing the clock to post by midnight (which just happens to be 9 pm on the west coast). Last night I posted at 12 am!

I am ready to settle into my comfy chair, tucked into my favorite blanket to watch TV with my husband. It could be All Creatures Great and Small or The Gilded Age or one of the new PBS shows we're ready to begin.

I listen to husband's voice and his laughter as he chats with his sister, knowing that soon he'll open the door and be ready to watch a show.

He's done and so is this slice! 

(Thanks to Leigh Anne at A Day in the Life for inspiring this slice and to Julieanne at To Read To Writer To Be who inspired Leigh Anne).


  1. Love this! It's so Seinfeldian, if there is such a thing.

  2. A perfect format for a quick write, and addition to Right Now and Currently. After reading several of these in a row, jumping form link to link, it feels like a peaceful format, like quick pause in a day.

  3. It was nice to meet you yesterday. I like this slice of a writer's life. This is a moment we can all relate to.

  4. It was great to see you yesterday, Ramona! And you were so sweet to have the journal with you. I like this slice ... it's really the perfect little capsule of a moment. :)