Monday, March 14, 2022

SOL 14/31: Celebrating Numbers on Pi Day!

It's Pi Day! When I was teaching, the students always celebrated this day with pie in math class. And sometimes, they would bring me pie from their celebrations. While I'm not a math person (I know we're not supposed to give ourselves labels like this), I definitely am a numbers person. I especially love double digit years and ages. I'm currently one of those double digit ages.

So today in honor of Pi Day, I bring you my version of 3.14: a look forward to three trips that I'm anticipating and a look back to fourteen significant dates in my family history that occurred in years with double digits.

Three trips I'm currently anticipating:

  • A "three sleep" getaway with Sara's family
  • A "three sleep" trip to visit Blake's family
  • A "longer than three sleeps" trip to visit my sister in TX  (She would never forgive me if I only came for three sleeps.)

Fourteen significant family events that happened in years with two repeating digits:

  • 1822 - My great grandfather, William Pete Buck Young (father to Martha Ada Young, my paternal grandmother) is born
  • 1855 - My paternal great-grandparents Hezekiah Scifres (38) and Mary Elizabeth Harrison (19) are married. 
  • 1899 - My paternal great grandfather Hezekiah Scifres dies at the age of 81.
  • 1899 - My paternal grandparents, Andrew T. Scifres (43) & Martha Ada Young (24) are married in Kaufman, TX. 
  • 1899 - My maternal grandfather is born in Celeste, TX.
  • 1900 - "Uncle Lee", my dad's brother, is born in Royse City, TX.
  • 1922 - My mother is born.
  • 1944 - My father is captured during the Battle of the Bulge near Bastogne and becomes a German POW during World War II. 
  • 1955 -  I am born.
  • 1977 - I begin my mission to Hong Kong at the Provo, UT Language Training Mission  on 7/7/77.
  • 1988 - We purchase a home in Houston, TX. 
  • 1988 - Aunt Ruby Dee, my mom's sister, dies in November.
  • 1999 - My sister, Velma Ann, and her husband Tom come to Seattle to celebrate their 40th anniversary and my 44th birthday. (Yes, my sister got married on my 4th birthday). They visit Mount Ranier National Park where it's still cold and snowpacked.
  • 2011 - I begin my blog, Pleasures from the Page, so I can participate in a 48 Hour Book Challenge..
This is year 11 (there's that repeating digit again) for me to participate in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. This year I'll be mining my memories for stories to share. 

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  1. I enjoyed this little slice of history so very much. You are a true historian of your families history. What a creative way to celebrate PI!