Sunday, March 27, 2022

SOL 27:31: How Does 9 Squeeze Into Five?

 Sharing "Five" Connections (because we only have five days left in the challenge):

1. On Day 25 of this challenge, I was the 5th slicer to post. How about those multiples of five?

2.  I have five books I want to read that I've recently picked up from my holds shelf at the library. (Please know that I won't get them all read before I have to return them.)

Handling the Truth - recommended by Ruth Ayres and Leigh Anne Eck

The Power of Fun

ain't burned all the bright

Becoming Mrs. Lewis - a book club book that I want to read

Picturing a Nation 

3.  I have five books hand-selected for the grand boys.

Henry and Ribsy - our current chapter read aloud for quiet time

Magic Tree House Land of the Dinosaurs (graphic novel)

Charlie and Mouse Lost and Found (the boys love the Charlie & Mouse series)

Sweater Weather 

Eyes that Speak to the Stars 

4. We're getting ready for a quick family getaway. And of course, choosing which books to take along is the most important decision of the trip. Are your worried about my math skills? You should be! That's a stack of nine board books. How on earth can they fit into this five themed post? I tried to whittle the stack down to five, but I love all these books. So here they are organized into five categories.

1.) Begin the Day: Hello, My World

2.) Books with Moving Parts: Peekaboo Moon, Demolition Dudes, Who Loves Books?

3.) Concept Book: Landforms: A Geography Primer (son-in-law received a globe for his birthday this month, so learning about the earth is extra fun at their house right now)

4.) Books with an SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) Focus: A Recipe for How Much I Love You, I Feel Sad, Happiness with Aristotle

5.) End the Day: Sleepyheads

I love that I can check out board books for the grands from the library. They did not have board books available for check-out when I was raising my children. 

5. I saved the best connection for last. Terje's birthday is today (March 27th). To solve for her age, multiply 5 times n (n=the number of fingers on your right hand + the number of fingers on your left hand). Pop over to Just for a Month and help her celebrate. 

This is my eleventh year of participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. This year I'll be mining my memories (some of the time) for stories to share.


  1. Loved this post about making connections with a number, with books, with people around.

  2. Wonderful format and concept. Your fives opened so many possibilities and reveal so much. While I don't recognize the titles of your library books, I do recognize the problem of having many hold books come to fruition at once.

  3. So much fun with books, Ramona, and the number 5. Lots of compelling titles here - they beckon!

  4. What a fun frame for this post. ain't burned all the bright is the only book on your personal tbr that I have read- you will want to read it a few times (the audio book is amazing!). Have fun with your grands!

  5. This is so clever! of COURSE we can find a way to make 9 a 5 when it comes to books!!

  6. This is a great slice - the listing of books! What a great way to inspire us to read. I want The Power of fun!

  7. You could probably write a post with 55 books or 555 books. :) Thank you for your shout out. Today I feel much better than yesterday.

  8. I love this post - starting with a number and going from there. And you just happened to pick my LUCKY number, so I love it even more. I'm just taking notes on your book lists and adding to my "To Be Read" pile...