Saturday, March 5, 2022

SOL 5/31: 5 Things Making Me Happy

 I'm borrowing the format for today's post from Gretchen Rubin.


5 Things Making Me Happy

1.  FaceTime calls with these grands and a planned visit for April...


2. Spring is coming... 

3.  Fantastic Fridays with three grand boys...


4.  Recent reads...

Powerful novel-in-verse by two of my favorite authors...

and this delightful picture book!


5. This one's next in my WTR (want to read) stack...


  1. Ramona, you must be feeling the same pressure as I. I fell asleep while writing my slice and then woke at 11:45 PM with a gut-wrenching thought. "I have to finish my slice."
    Your photos make me happy also. While I do not have photos of any arks of spring, I can tell you my husband and I stood outside at 6:30PM so happy to feel the warmth under a beautiful crescent moon. I even heard some birds chirping.The two families of grands are growing so fast. The brother and sister team are such look alikes. Thanks for sharing your current reads. I cannot wait to read Irene's book. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Lovely photos and so much to look forward to with that trip in April coming up... short and sweet and bright, thank you!

  3. Oh, these grandkid photos. So much joy and love!

  4. I love seeing photos of those grandbabies! I remember when you only had one! And he was a baby! Snowing here today. I didn't know Charles and Irene had a new novel in verse. Definitely want to get hold of that! And daffodils! Thanks for sharing all of this joy!!

  5. What a great idea! Happiness is contagious

  6. Circling back today to some posts I missed over the past week. What wonderful photographs! Of course I need to add those titles to my TBR now.