Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Slice of Life: Springtime Splendor!

Spring is my second favorite season of the year (after fall which I totally adore). I frequently stop to capture spring splendor on my phone. And it's all around us when we take the time to pause and notice. Here's a round-up of pics I took from this last week. 


  Rhododendrons at the preschool

Cherry blossoms outside the hair salon

 Blossoms on a walk with grandson

Lilacs in the front yard

Rhododendrons in daughter's neighborhood

(I insisted she stop the car so I could capture this shot.)

Wisteria on a walk with friends

 I love capturing the glories of nature with the occasional human subjects too.

Here's my favorite family pic from last week:

Daughter and two of her boys at an afternoon Mariner's game! 


  1. The heart fills to see so much beauty. I am glad you took the photo of the pink flowers . Beautiful photo of your daughter and grandchildren.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Our lilacs are finished blooming. The rhododendron is just starting.

  3. You certainly captured springtime in Washington, Ramona. Just beautiful. Fill your heart with the fresh perfumed air. Good luck with your moving.

  4. I love your pictures-especially the Cherry Blossoms...and a move? Moves are always new adventures. :) Good luck.