Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Slice of Life: My Four-Year Old Grandson Captures Beauty for Me

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the world is to watch nature in all her seasonal glory. I frequently comment on the beauty around us as I drive around. Last fall, one of my grandsons was with me as we stopped to snap pics of several beautiful trees decked out in fall splendor. 

A few days later, this same grandson was my passenger when I commented on a particularly beautiful tree and bemoaned the fact that I did not have time to take a picture. 

His reply, "No worries, Grandma. I'll take a memory pic for you." And with that, he pointed his pretend camera and snapped away. 

I took him to preschool yesterday and commented on a particular shade of springtime green that I love. Today as we headed to the park (or the playground as his 22-month old brother insists on calling it), I commented again on the springtime greens and the beautiful rhododendrons that surround us in so many varied colors. I found myself wondering aloud about whether our new home in North Carolina would have the same springtime blossoms and luscious shades of green. 

He piped up from his third row seat in the van, "It's okay, Grandma. I'm taking memory pictures for you." And so I continued driving to the delighted sound of his pretend camera snapping pics of the beauty surrounding us. 

Nothing beats this Grandma gig!


  1. Oh my heart! “Memory picture” if only we could be as optimistic as our grandkids. Your post reminds me that I should be taking more memory pictures myself and stay in the moment. I haven’t been to South Carolina, but I hear it is beautiful. I am a Mid-Atlantic girl here in Pennsylvania. I look forward to hearing about your move.

  2. Love the idea of a memory picture! He so accurately describes what all of us do with precious moments and things that bring us awe. Even though we may take real pics, our mind's eye takes those memory photos. Your grandson sounds like a delight!

  3. There's a picture book in that small moment, Ramona - My Memory Pictures! A young boy remembers his loving grandma with his magical camera!

  4. (This is Diane Anderson.)
    I agree with the picture book comment. You should definitely write it! Although it probably needs to wait til you move. Best wishes in this busy time!

  5. That's so sweet! I love to caring he's showing and also his creativity! Time to add some pages to the photo album in your heart!

  6. You are so right, Ramona. The grandma gig is a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing this delightful slice of life. This week has been difficult yet enlightening. There has been a blessed and a sad one. I want to thank you for sharing Joy Harjo's poem in your previous post. It brought comfort as my uncle lay in his hospice bed in Central NY. The poem gave me strength to write a remembrance poem. It is showcased in my Poetry Friday post and will be placed in the funeral program for 94-year-old Uncle.