Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Slice of Life: Blossoms!

Two weeks ago we ventured to the park on a blustery January morning with grandson Ollie. On our return to the parking lot, a spot of yellow lifted my spirits. 


I intended to write an elfchen, an 11 word poem. Then I discovered it's supposed to adhere to a specific structure. I didn't follow that structure, but my structure reminded me of a diamante poem. So I married the two forms. Meet my elfchante!



swirls brown

 leaves. Yellow curtsies

to brown, harbinger of


- Ramona Behnke


  1. Diane Anderson (newtreemom)
    I’ll take a harbinger of Spring in any form!

  2. Oh lovely! Great little poem and love the signs of spring! Can you tell me the names of those cute little guys?

    1. I think it's forsythia. The pic is not too clear because it was breezy and the branch wouldn't stay still. I'll pop by the park to see if I can get a better shot.

  3. A hybrid poem form - I love it.
    Ryan M

  4. I love your new poem form! And your poem--small joys that are not small. I'm always cheered by the little flowers.

  5. Ramona, I think your new format is properly named. Harbinger of spring-I look forward to that.

  6. How wonderful that you didn't let the original form constrain you, Ramona. I think your new poetic form is lovely!