Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All in a morning's work!

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3:15 a.m.  Wake up and mind begins churning . . .
Grab the pad beside my bed & empty my mind onto a paper list in hopes of getting back to sleep.
3:45 Decide to get up because mind is still churning and sleep is nowhere in sight.
Pull out late work folder from school bag and begin processing the work.
4:45 Hubby leaves for airport (I don't do airport runs on school days).
Head downstairs for my plan book and grade folder.
Get sidetracked by book review from WSJ, cut out the picture, & rearrange text so it fits on one page (front and back) in preparation for using it for a context vocabulary lesson.
5:15 Phone rings, who is calling at this hour?
It's hubby who has discovered he has no wallet.
Run upstairs to check for wallet on bathroom counter - not there.
Run downstairs to look beside computer -not there.
Ask hubby if it could be in the Prius, "No, I'm in the cab."
But remember, we were in the Prius last night when we went out to dinner.
"It's not in the car, check my black pants."
Run back upstairs to check black pants, not there.
Check bathroom counter again, no wallet.
Check by the bathtub, no wallet.
Wait, there's something on the tile by the closet door!
Your wallet!
Decide to meet at the church, he's a few miles away.
Throw on a bathrobe & my slippers, grab my wallet, my phone, his wallet, and the newspaper (can't bear to wait without something to read).  Did not brush hair or put on lipstick.
Arrive at church, phone hubby, what if I meet you at the Park & Ride?
"No, just stay at the church, but wait on the opposite side from where we usually park."
Change sides, read article in newspaper about historic Columbus Day storm.
Cab pulls into parking lot, I jump out, hand over the wallet, and saunter back to the car.
Superwife to the rescue.
Will he make his flight?
Drive home, head to shower at 5:45.
Good thing I'm easily distracted (the WSJ article) or I would have been in the shower when he called!
And yes, he did make the flight!


  1. What is it, "life is what happens when...". I get tingly when I hear stories like this. Did you intuit all this, & then wake up so early? How do these interesting things happen? I'm so glad it all worked out-what a start to your day, "super wife"!

  2. So many times "things" happen that just place us at the right place in the right time doing the right thing. You were indeed "superwife" and I am still the cab driver was smiling too as he saw you jump out in your bathrobe and slippers to "rescue" your husband from disaster!

  3. I love the timeline you took us through. What a morning for both of you! Glad he realized he didn't have his wallet before he got to the airport. What is is about men and their wallet? My husband seems to have issues along that line too.

  4. That's a seriously busy morning! You are Superwoman!

  5. I go through this with my husband periodically! Great slice