Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Counting myself lucky!

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As the last word faded away, I knew I'd discovered another favorite book.  This book by Sheila Turnage soared to the top of my list and landed right beside One for the Murphys in my Newbery hopeful pile!  Anytime I read a book review that sparks my interest, I request the title from KCLS.  By the time it arrives, I'm not sure if it was a fellow blogger, the NYT Book Review, or the indie bookstore newsletter that prompted the request.

Regardless of how I lucked into this book, my first piece of luck was receiving this audio version narrated by Michael Friedman.  It was so fun to hop in the car and follow the adventures of Mo LoBeau and her friend, Dale.   My second piece of luck was finding another great middle grade novel featuring the friendship between a boy and girl who are best friends and "rising sixth graders" to boot.  And my third piece of luck was discovering this writer who captures so well the Southern voice that I was surrounded by growing up in Oklahoma.  The book was set in North Carolina, but the setting could just as easily have been my home state and the small town where I grew up.  Reading this book was like going home for a brief spell!

So find yourself a rocking chair and prepare to fall in love with Mo LoBeau, Dale, Miss Rose, Lavender, Miss Lana, the Colonel, and Tupelo Landing.  Maybe you'll be Three Times Lucky by the time the mystery is solved!


  1. What a terrific way to write a review. I found myself reading faster to see what book you were talking about. It's on my list, and now I'll be sure to put it on top! Thanks, Ramona!

  2. OMG...I so loved this book! I was so sorry when it came to an end. I've had it in my library for a boit now, and it's one of my most checked out books.

  3. I love it when a book can transport you to a world from your past. Your last paragraph would be a great mentor for students writing book reviews.

  4. After Son, I'm in....thanks for the review. xo nanc

  5. I find myself ordering books from Amazon and then wondering who suggested them. You'll noticed I never wonder why I bought it, just who sent it my way.