Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall's Splendor

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I love fall and always find myself smitten by the colors of the season.  I snapped this  photo on Saturday as I left school after grading papers for several hours.  I quickly phoned a friend and asked her to join me for a walk.  I think that we caught the only hour on Saturday when it wasn't raining (it started to sprinkle as we ended our walk).  She's used to me and indulges me in this quest for perfect fall colors.  In the spring I snap pictures of new growth and blossoms, and in the fall I capture these wondrous bursts of color. 
All the pictures you see here were taken on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday as I walked and soaked up these colors.  Heavy rains and wind may soon whisk the leaves away, but the pictures allow me to revisit the images as often as I like. 

I love the contrast in this picture of the bright green, the red, and blue of the house in the background.


A perfect fall bouquet of orange, yellow and red!

              A friend's home with a burst of orange and the glow of a welcoming lamp!


  1. You have achieved your goal! The colors are magnificent! These photos will take you back to a gorgeous fall when you are stuck in the muck of winter.

  2. Beautiful. Our leaves are all gone. Thank you for sharing yours. Fall goes by all too quickly and must be soaked in while it lasts.