Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Chalk-A-Bration

Last month was my first time to participate.   Check out the fun at Betsy's blog.  
This month, I continue my back-to-school theme.  I love Betsy's poems, and it was fun to meet her at the All Write conference in June.  Last month, I promised to invite some children to join me in August.  So this afternoon, some young friends who live near my school came over with their parents to celebrate Chalk-A-Bration with me.  I left my school preparations to join them outside for some chalk fun!   And since I had forgotten my chalk, they shared theirs with me! 
Lenna and Kilee with their castle creations!
These girls had some help, but they both love castles and are
headed to Disneyland soon!

August fades away
It's turn the calendar day
Classrooms call us!

I'm a calendar addict,
and I do love turn the calendar day!  It's always a special treat to see the photo for the new month.


  1. I stole a peak at September's calendar page this morning! I am definately your daughter!

  2. Your pictures turned out great! I love the idea of turning the calendar page and making it a special event. Thanks for celebrating with chalk!

  3. Love 'turn the calendar day'! What a fun poem, Ramona! Happy September!

  4. Thanks for inviting us! It was a fun afternoon outing!