Saturday, August 10, 2013

Picture Book 10 for 10 - Favorite Picture Books with golden lines about night

I'm excited to participate in Cathy Mere's and Mandy Robek's August 10 for 10 Picture Book Event. This challenge overwhelmed me so much last year that I chose not to participate.  How can I ever limit my favorite picture books to 10?  I remember that some bloggers chose a theme, so I decided that I could choose ten  favorite picture books if I focused on a specific theme.  It certainly made selecting ten titles much easier.

This year we're in the middle of graduation celebrations for my daughter and a visit from my son who lives in DC. Most of my picture books are at school.  So I made a quick stop at Island Books on Thursday night, shortly before closing time. My favorite bookseller, Lori, allowed me to browse the shelves, so I could remind myself of favorite titles.  I decided on a night/moon/star theme.  Yesterday, I quickly checked for a few additional favorite titles at Powell's bookstore in Portland and copied down favorite lines to share with you.

So in no particular order, here are ten of my favorite picture books, each with a golden line spotlighting some aspect of night that appears in the book:

Infinity and Me by Kate Hosford, illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska
"Snuggled up next to Grandma the sky didn't seem so huge and cold anymore.  Now it was more like a sparkly blanket, covering us both."

Fireflies written and illustrated by Julie Brinckloe
"Fireflies!  Blinking on, blinking off, dipping low, soaring high above my head, making white patterns in the dark."

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, illustrated by John Schoenherr
"And the moon was so bright the sky seemed to shine."

Koala Lou by Mem Fox, illustrated by Pamela Lofts
"Every night as she curled up under the stars, Koala Lou thought about the times when her mother had looked at her and said, 'Koala Lou, I DO love you,' and she longed for her to say it again."

Peach and Blue by Sarah S. Kilborne, illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher
"She rocked a bit with the night breeze, and Blue wrapped his arm around her so that she wouldn't slip away."

Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night by Joyce Sidman, illustrated by Rick Allen
from the poem "Night Spider's Advice" -
'...Someone has to remake
the world each night.
It might as well be you...'

Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me written and illustrated by Eric Carle
"She hugged the moon and threw it into the air.  But the moon kept getting smaller and smaller and smaller and finally it disappeared altogether."

Laura Charlotte by Kathryn O. Gailbraith, illustrated by Floyd Cooper
Neither of the bookstores I visited had this favorite book, and my copy must be at school.  So no golden lines for now (until I get back home).  My daughter was very concerned that I had this favorite book of hers at school.
I'm back home, found the book at school, and here are the golden lines (and yes, Sara, I brought the book home).
"I tiptoed down the backstairs and peeked out the door.  The garden looked shaggy and dark.  I shivered.
"Far, far away, past the lilacs and day lilies, stood the tall willow.  I was afraid to go out without Charlotte.  Then I thought; was Charlotte afraid without me?

The last two books on my list are new favorites.  One was handed to me this summer at Island Books on a recent visit, and the other I discovered in my quick survey of the store on Thursday evening.  I love discovering a new favorite!

Stars by Mary Lynn Ray, illustrated by Marla Frazee
"Blow a ball of dandelion and you blow a thousand stars into the sky."

Mama, Let's Make a Moon written and illustrated by Clay Reece
"...three jars full of fireflies, some marshmallow goo, a dipper of dew, and milk of moo."
Don't miss the gorgeous silhouette artistry and poetic storytelling in this simple story.


  1. I got Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me for my son-in-law who prefers to be called Papa-it's such a favorite of all their family, Ramona. What a beautiful group of books & how wonderful to share favorite lines from them. I do love Stars, glad you've found it, but don't know Mama, Let's Make a Moon or Peach and Blue. Thanks for new ones & sharing some of my favorites too!

    1. Linda, Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me was one of my daughter's favorite books, as was Laura Charlotte. I fell in love with Let's Make a Moon, and Peach and Blue is an old favorite. Please check out both titles.

  2. Wow, wow, wow, Ramona. This is just beautiful. I'm not sure how you managed to focus on night and find perfect lines without your own books in your hands. I'd struggle with this task if I were sitting in the middle of my classroom library. I will never read about the night in the same way.

    So glad you decided to share this year!

    1. Couldn't have done it without my visiting my favorite indie bookstores - Island Books in my hometown and Powell's in Portland. I do love bookstores! And then because I had very limited time in Powell's (the day before daughter's graduation), I used my i-phone to snap photos of pages with golden lines so I could copy them into the post.