Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Play by Numbers!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers.

Remember the paint by number kits we bought at the dime store when we were kids?
Well, this past weekend was filled with play by numbers.
One drive to the Doug Fox parking lot for an early morning flight.
Two legs on my Thursday flight, Seattle to Denver and Denver to Tulsa.
Two breakfasts shared with my brother, Karl and best friend, Jan.
Three drinks ordered at the Sonic, a favorite high school hangout.
Three meals shared with friends from my graduating class.
Three nights spent giggling with my best friend at AmericInn.
Four vegetables to accompany Sunday dinner of roast, gravy, and rolls.
Four family members gathered with me at the dinner table.
Four friends' stories at Roseanna's Italian restaurant in Krebs.
Four days filled with fun, music, and memories to last a lifetime.
A plethora of hugs received on this quick trip squeezed in before the start of school.
A myriad of precious moments spent with friends and family!


  1. Cute! Clever. You are still an over achiever and you wear me out! Maybe that's another reason you are my bff!!

  2. My goodness, but you had fun! Great pictures, too!

  3. Quite creatively presented, Ramona. What a weekend you had, so happy you did it! Love seeing the photos, too!

  4. Having friends and family to visit is the best ever. What a weekend you had!

  5. Sweet and I loved the pictures. We had so much fun at my husband's this summer. They had a picnic on the farm ...so relaxing and yummy food too. I'm glad you had this great trip. xo

  6. Poem by numbers!!! What a fun way to get energized before the beginning of a school year!

  7. Love your use of numbers and the photos match so well with this post.