Saturday, January 18, 2014

Celebrating in 17 minutes!

                            So excited to join Saturday Celebrations with Ruth Ayres! 
                   It is fun to live my week thinking about what I will celebrate on Saturday!
Discover. Play. Build.
                            A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

1.  Celebrating that I called a friend this morning who mentioned that she had just returned from a funeral.  This comment threw me into a tailspin because I was supposed to have a dessert at the church by 1 p.m..  I had totally forgotten this commitment, but I stirred up my famous cookie bars, showered, and delivered them to the church in under an hour, so surely I can write this post in 17 minutes.

2.  Celebrating that I found my student's paper.  We both knew she had turned it in, and she even remembered where she handed it to me (the front of the room).  My students know better than to hand me a paper because it often gets lost before it makes it to the right spot.  After looking for two days, I took a couple of moments before leaving school to check the front table again and there it was (under some other stuff).  A relief for both of us!

3.  Celebrating our independent book store.  I stopped yesterday to purchase a baby gift and had a delightful chat with my favorite book seller.  We love to talk books!  I'm glad we have an independent book store in our community.

4.  Celebrating late cards and Christmas trees.  My husband commented week before last that we were finished receiving cards, but this week several arrived in the mail, along with a note from a dear friend.  Real mail always brightens my day.  On my way home from Island Books, I drove by a house with a Christmas tree still glowing in the front window.  It made my heart glad!

5.  Celebrating what I savored when I left work before dark on Wednesday!  I chased this sunset from the south end where our school is located to Slater Park on the north end. This is the same spot where I discovered a serendipitous Saturday sunset and my OLW, savor.  Cathy mentioned that it yells "writing spot."  I'm committing to some writing time there soon.  I've also decided to savor this spot throughout the seasons, so I hope you won't object to future pictures taken at the same place.  

Looking forward to some time later to read your celebrations of the past week.
Have a week filled with moments to celebrate!


  1. Wow - this scene is right up there with the ones Linda has ben sharing. Great that you found that student's paper, though.

  2. It will be fun watching spring arrive as you take pictures and savor the view from that spot. I went back and looked at the other one and it appears to be the same tree! Think of the words just waiting to bloom on the page! Have a great week!

  3. So glad you found the paper - I've been there. I love your OLW. I didn't participate, but have still been trying to savor things anyway. It's a great word. ;)

  4. If you notice, I've been posting tons of sky/sunset pics. Yours is so gorgeous, Ramona-wow! I'm happy for you that you managed both the cookie bars and the finding of the lost paper. It's those little things that are hard sometimes. I'd love to visit your Indie store with you-sounds wonderful! Have a good Sunday!

  5. Awesome view and it will be a delight to see this through the seasons. Love reading all the small joys that surface through the week.