Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Seasonal OLW Intentions

                               Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.

I was inspired by Beth's post today sharing her monthly OLW intentions.  
I've been thinking about my OLW and how to keep it a part of my life for the entire year.  
I know creating a visual reminder would be a good strategy, but I'm not artistic.  
So I created a seasonal check-in time for my OLW.  
I consulted the calendar and discovered a 
5th Tuesday during April, July, September, and December.  

I love that each 5th Tuesday falls during a different season.  
Spring, but in April, after our daily SOL challenge in March.  
Summer, but during July when most of us have finally calmed down, 
and not yet headed back to school (mentally or physically).  
Fall, at the end of September after the initial back-to-school rush, 
but when we still feel that anything is possible this school year.  
Winter, after the holiday rush, but before we march into a new year.  

  I'm choosing to savor each season of 2014:
Winter finds me savoring comfort foods, sunsets, chocolate, 
a book club retreat, and writing for the March SOL challenge.  
As spring begins I'll be savoring poetry, blossoms, bunnies, laughter, and birthdays.  
My best summer solitary savoring 
is lunch on the deck with book in hand, sunshine caressing my back.  
When my solitary savoring craves company, I'll join family and friends 
to savor fireworks, hiking, Island Celebration, picnics, and Music in the Park.
Fall finds me savoring walks filled with gorgeous colors, 
trick or treaters (hopefully I'll have some), 
my many blessings, and the celebration of my Savior's birth.  
I know that by living with intention I will discover more to savor each season!  


  1. You have a year of savorings ahead of you, plus there will be those surprises that pop up too. I'm savoring the thought of sun warming my back since we are experiencing a deep freeze right now.

  2. I love the thought you're putting into this planning for the year. I am sure all of this deep thinking will make the actual experience so much better. Right?

  3. I think I'd like to copy some of your plans, Ramona, at least be more thoughtful about my OLW. This is like a poetic year! Beautifully shared!

  4. I can see how Betsy's monthly pan and your seasonal savoring both can be helpful. You have wonderful times waiting for you.

  5. You have put so much thought into your OLW! You are already savoring your life this year while your word "savor" small moments in your daily life. 5th Tuesday celebrations would be a fantastic idea!

  6. oh the chocolate, oh the book club sounds so awesome right now.....I'm so glad you are treasuring the seasons. xo