Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's a 5th Tuesday!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by 
Two Writing Teachers.
I wanted to hang onto my OLW (one little word) this year, so I made a commitment to revisit it on each 5th Tuesday of 2014 - April, July, September, and December.  Somehow, this 5th Tuesday arrived rather quickly.  Today I'll share my thinking and my journey through some words beginning with "s" that shaped this year's search for my OLW.

Search, seek for serendipity.  No, serendipity just happens!  It doesn't require searching or seeking, it just asks me to be present.

Slow down to notice life and savor it.  As I've lived more days as a writer, I find myself noticing my life more and looking forward to writing about it.

Settle down - I like these two words!  Here are some dictionary explanations:
   - to become quiet, calm, or orderly
   - to begin to live a quiet and steady life
   - to put yourself in a comfortable position
   - to become quiet and begin giving your attention to something
I like some of these words, but others don't speak to me.  While I long for calm and order, the words that call to me are comfort and attention.

After searching, seeking, and slowing down, I settle for the comfort and call of SAVOR, my OLW for 2014.

Yesterday, I realized that I hadn't visited Slater Park in April.  Earlier this year, I decided to savor moments there throughout the year.  I love that my visits there are a delicious opportunity to savor this special spot.  Here are some favorite photos from yesterday's visit:

Ignore the list and the "have-tos"
Honor the "want-tos"
Grab the moment, it doesn't last forever


  1. Ramona,
    Thanks for this important reminder! Gorgeous photographs!

  2. How I love that closing poem, Ramona! Just perfect - as are the photographs.

  3. You are a wise woman! :-) Beautiful photos, they just beg one to stop and savor the scenery. Honoring the want-to is something we all need to do more.

  4. I love the idea that serendipity doesn't just happen. I believe in serendipity, and you put it in a new light for me. Thanks for your post. Your photographs are lovely.

  5. I'm late, but wanted to say I enjoyed your post, Ramona, the pics and that final poem is lovely. Some words to remember and so important.

  6. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures and a beautiful word! I'm so glad you are remembering to revisit your OLW and to find ways to welcome it into your life. Savor. Gorgeous. Continue to savor the rest of 2014!